Videos and Meditations

This page displays free meditations and my most recent and most popular YouTube videos. To see more, check out my YouTube channel, and subscribe to ensure you receive updates about new content.

Free Meditations

Metta Bhavana: Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

* To go directly to the meditation, skip to 1:38 *
This is my interpretation of a traditional Buddhist meditation, Metta Bhavana. Join me to help spread loving kindness throughout the Universe.

10-Minute Guided Calming Beach Meditation

This meditation will take you on a 10-minute beach vacation! I created it especially for people who might need to take a break from work.

Head over to my YouTube Channel for more videos and meditations like these!

Person meditating while looking at a full moon | Videos and Meditations | Jen Merkel, Lightworker

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