Spirit-Guided Intuitive Readings

How my readings work

My Spirit-guided readings are focused on love and light. I bring in the collective energy of Source, guides, angels, and ancestors – and connect with them to receive and share the messages and advice they wish to communicate.

You’ll gain insight into:

  • The past: The events impacting your current situation
  • The present: Where you stand right now
  • The near future: What’s coming within the next 2-4 weeks
  • Outside influences: How others – your family, friends, community, etc. – are affecting your situation
  • Long term outcome: Ultimately, what will come into play
My favorite Tarot card is The Star, the card associated with my Sun Sign, Aquarius.
What’s your favorite card?

As a lightworker, I bring loving light energy into every reading. My #1 goal is for you to leave your session feeling uplifted and hopeful about your future.

Intuitive Readings – Live Zoom Session

Let’s meet up virtually!

Available in 30, or 60-minute sessions. After connecting with your Spirit Team and mine for protection and wisdom, I use Tarot and Oracle cards, pendulums, crystals and other tools to communicate what your Guides and Angels want you to know.
30-minute reading: $88.00
60-minute reading: $144.00

Intuitive Readings – Sent by Email

Delivered to your in-box within 3 days.

Your reading will be personalized to answer your question(s) and sent to you in your preferred format – written email or private video link. This is a very in-depth reading, using 5-12 cards or more.

1 question

2-3 questions

My schedule fills up quickly – book now!

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