Hypnosis FAQs

As you might imagine, I get a lot of questions about hypnosis! For that reason I’ve put together this video with Hypnosis FAQs. You can watch it or read the detailed answers below.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is a natural method used to modify a person’s behavior by providing suggestions to their subconscious mind. The practice dates back to the 18th century and since then, millions of people have found healing with hypnosis.

The term holistic means that we incorporate your whole self into the process: Your physical body, your emotional body, your intellectual body, and your spiritual body. During treatment we consider your whole being to ensure you receive the best, long-term results.

Does hypnotherapy work?

Yes, hypnosis really works! The more willing you are to let go and just enjoy whatever happens the better your experience will be.

The scientific term neuroplasticity is the ability for your subconscious mind to be reprogrammed to match your goals and thereby change the course of your life. During our hypnosis session, we will determine what you wish to accomplish, then set your mind in that direction when you are under hypnosis.

What can hypnosis be used for?

Millions of people have found real results using hypnosis to lose weight and keep it off, to quit smoking, cut down on drinking, relieve stress and anxiety, overcome fear and phobias, and manage chronic pain. Leading athletes, business executives, and professional speakers have used hypnosis to optimize their performance and boost confidence. Hypnosis can be used to achieve literally any goal you have!

How long is each session?

The timing for each session varies depending on each client’s needs. Typically we allocate 90 minutes for a new client’s session. This will allow us to establish goals, administer the hypnosis, and discuss your experience afterwards. Subsequent sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes. During each session, there will be ample time for you to ask any questions. I want to make sure you get the very most from your session.

Can hypnosis help me stop a bad habit?

Hypnosis can in fact help people stop doing things they don’t desire to do, however it is very important that the person be 100% committed to the idea of making a change. “Homework” will be assigned for you to do in between sessions to ensure you get the long-lasting results you wish.

Is this like the stage hypnosis shows I have seen on videos?

Hypnosis shows are entertaining to say the least! But they aren’t much like therapeutic hypnosis sessions. Trust is a crucial factor when selecting a hypnosis practitioner and one of the reasons we take time to talk about what’s important to you during your consultation. The stage hypnotists are trained to select people from the audience who are more likely to be less inhibited on stage. I am trained to listen to how you talk about your goals and formulate a plan to help you achieve them.

What if I don’t get hypnotized during the session?

Everyone has the ability to become hypnotized. There are different levels of hypnosis and if a subject has a history of only being lightly hypnotized, the hypnotherapist can use tools to get them into a deeper hypnotic state. Regardless of what ‘level’ you reach, your subconscious mind is still receiving the suggestions from the practitioner, so you will still benefit from the experience.

What if I get stuck in hypnosis?

It is not possible for a person to ‘get stuck’ in a hypnotic state. Your mind goes in and out of hypnosis several times a day – for example, on your drive to work, as you’re making coffee, or even while watching television. When you’re done with the task, your mind returns to a ‘normal’ state. Your hypnotherapist will awaken you from a deep trance state at the end of your session, but even if he or she didn’t, your body would naturally wake up on its own.

What if I fall asleep?

Because hypnosis sessions are extremely relaxing, people sometimes feel like they are sleeping during a session. However, they are actually under hypnosis. Even if you were really asleep, your subconscious mind will hear the hypnosis practitioner’s suggestions. You would still receive all the benefits of the session.

What will it feel like while I’m being hypnotized? Will I remember everything?

Everyone is different, but almost all subjects comment about how relaxed they are after a session! You may feel like you are sleeping, or you may feel as though you are awake. You may hear and remember everything the hypnotherapist says. Or you may experience emotions and visualizations that are completely different from what the hypnotherapist is guiding your subconscious through. Again, you are still benefiting from the experience.

How will I know that hypnosis has worked?

There are no guarantees, however hypnosis has been proven to work extremely well for those who have the desire to change a behavior or attitude. Since the late 1800s people have used hypnotherapy as a natural, effective way to help reduce stress, manage pain, overcome phobias, establish healthy habits, and improve performance. To know for certain whether hypnotherapy is working for you, you’ll need to observe how you react over the course of your program.

What if recall something in hypnosis that is awful and I hadn’t remembered it before?

This isn’t particularly common, but if it does happen it means that your subconscious feels that you are ready to deal with it. That might mean that we move through what comes up and allow it to be released and healed. Or if in that moment you prefer, we can move away from it to something that feels safer. If we move away from it for now, we can come back to it when you feel you’re ready.

Can you help me forget a terrible experience I went through?

Hypnosis cannot “erase” specific memories or experiences from your mind. A practitioner is unable to take away specific parts of your memory and experiences as a human being. But you can change the thoughts and emotions you associate with specific memories. This is often accomplished with past life regression and inner child work.

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You had the power all along, my dear!
You had the power all along, my dear!

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