9 ways to communicate with your Spirit Guides

9 ways to communicate with your Spirit Guides | Jen Merkel Hypnosis

Opening the gateway of communication with your Spirit Guides is the first step in developing a relationship with the beings that are dedicated to helping you on your spiritual path. Today I’m sharing 9 ways to communicate with your Spirit Guides.

What is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit Guides help us along on our spiritual journeys by providing helpful wisdom and guidance. They are always with us, and we can reach out to them at any time. They may be in the form of an angel, a deceased loved one, an animal, an elemental (mermaids, fairies, dragons, etc.), an ancestor – or simply a “guide”, an un-incarnated soul being (you have a bunch of these with different purposes, but those details are probably best left for another post!).

And you don’t just have one guide, you have a whole team of them! I like to call them a “Spirit Team”.

Early in my spiritual journey, learning about a group of entities who love and accept me for who I am, while also being dedicated to helping me navigate my spiritual path, was both highly appealing and somewhat overwhelming. But I was emphatically determined to learn more about them, and how they could help me.

As a newbie to all things metaphysical, I really didn’t know where to start. I did some reading and research, and learned about a few different ways to reach out and communicate with them. Some things worked better for me than others, and by trying a few different methods, I found that there were many ways to receive messages and guidance from them.

How to communicate with your Spirit Guides

Everyone is different, so something that worked amazingly well for me may not be the best option for you. Rather than try everything at once, it’s best to pick one or two of these suggestions to start. Eventually you can try them all out, I just recommend doing it slowly, to allow yourself time to enjoy the experience and evaluate each method’s effectiveness for you.

5 steps to communicating with your Spirit Guides:

  1. Quiet your mind, open your heart, and raise your vibration
  2. Set your intention
  3. Make your request
  4. Be open to receiving the answer
  5. Close the session by thanking your Guide and grounding yourself

Opening your heart is vital because it is your soul center. Your intention will be the question you wish to ask, the help you wish to receive, or perhaps you simply want to know what message your Guide has for you. When making your request, be sure to be respectful while stating your desire.

Receiving the answer can come in a variety of ways. You may get the answer immediately through your intuition. If this happens, pay attention to where in your body you feel the answer coming from. Knowing the clues your body gives you when you receive intuitive information (downloads) will help you to discern future communications.

You may not receive the answer right away, and in that case you will likely receive a sign within a few days. Be sure you are hyper aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for any clues. Being open minded is important because the sign may not be what you are expecting.

9 ways to communicate with your Spirit Guides

It should be noted that many of these suggestions can be used together, and in fact they are often more effective when doing so.

1. Through meditation

To communicate with your Guide while meditating, relax your mind and body as usual. When you are sufficiently relaxed, imagine yourself in a safe place. This might be a white room, a beach, a mountain path, or just your living room. Intuitively reach out to your Spirit Guide and invite them to join you. Wait patiently and when you feel their presence, thank them for connecting with you. Follow the rest of the 5 steps above.

There are many guided meditations for meeting your Spirit Guide available on apps and YouTube. I used these when I was starting out because they helped me to cut down on mind chatter and stay more focused. Over time, it became easier for me to connect with my Guides during meditation on my own.

2. Using hypnosis

In my Intuitive Development Program, one of the modules includes connecting with your Spirit Guide through hypnosis. It is similar to guided meditation, however hypnosis takes your brain into a deeper state of consciousness (Theta brain waves). This allows your subconscious to access information more easily and thoroughly. Most of my clients remember their experiences consciously as well.

Types of brain waves - Jen Merkel Holistic Hypnosis and Wellness

3. In your dreams

Spirit Guides sometimes visit us while we are sleeping through dreams. I’ve learned a lot from my Spirit Guides through dream work!

If you wish to have your Spirit Guide work with you during sleep, simply set an intention before settling in for the night. If you have a small piece of labradorite, clear quartz, or amethyst, putting it under your pillow will help aid in communicating with your Guide during sleep. You may also consider playing some soft music with binaural beats which stimulate the lower-frequency brain waves you experience during the sleep state.

Be sure to have paper and pen nearby so you can write down any information you receive when you wake from your dream. Since this is often the middle of the night, I usually just jot down important keywords, then return to sleep. The next day, those keywords help me to recall parts of the dream I probably would have forgotten otherwise. I then write a more detailed account of the dream in my dream journal.

4. Creating something

Another way to communicate with your Spirit Guides is by using your intuitive abilities through creating. This might take the form of journaling, sketching, painting, or even making something out of clay. If you want to try this method, just start the project with an open mind. Try to connect to your Spirit Guide and ask them to use your hands to deliver the message through a creation. Your finished product might be something as simple as a symbol, or as elaborate as a highly-detailed oil painting.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a way to communicate with your Spirit Guides

Another way to use creativity to communicate with your Spirit Guide is automatic writing. Prepare by obtaining a spiral notebook and a pen (I find the physical act of writing more effective than typing into a computer). Then follow the 5 steps, and as you are receiving the message, just start writing it down on the paper.

You might find that you start to channel, which means the message appears exactly as though your Guide was writing it to you. Or the result may be just a few key words or symbols – again, there is no right or wrong way. When I do automatic writing, things usually come out in complete sentences. Because they flow quickly, my writing ends up being quite messy!

After you have received the message and closed the session, take a few moments to go over the finished product and contemplate how it relates to your current life situations.

5. Interacting with them during your daily life

My Spirit Guides often accompany me in my car. I know that at least one is present every time I am driving, sitting right there in the passenger seat, because I can feel their presence. You can invite them to join you during any activity like walking the dog, eating a meal, or watching a favorite television show. They are already with you, but consciously inviting them to participate with you builds a stronger line of communication.

When I’m driving I often find myself talking out loud to whatever Guide is riding shotgun. It’s kind of a conversational tone, where I might be going over my list of errands. Sometimes I’m trying to solve a problem, and talking it out with my Guide has often helped me to find solutions. Your Guides are always with you, so why not have them join you during everyday tasks?

Prepare and altar -  Communicate with your Spirit Guides - Jen Merkel, Lightworker

6. Preparing an altar

You can communicate with your Spirit Guide by preparing an altar with elements that have meaning to you and your Guide. The most important thing is your intention, which could be something specific you wish to receive help with, or just a desire to improve communication.

Altars can take any number of forms. Simple altars may just have a candle and a crystal. More elaborate ones could include flowers, herbs, essential oils, statuettes, incense, pictures, and other things. Following your intuition and doing what works best for you is the most important part.

7. Through a spell or ritual

I love to communicate with my Spirit Guides during rituals. You can do a standalone ritual for contacting your Guide anytime, or in combination with another purpose. I do rituals for the new moon, full moon, and several of the Norse festivities. During those rituals, I make contact with deities or Spirit Guides using my altar, divination, and/or meditation.

If you need ideas, a great resource for spells and rituals is Pinterest. Just keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to do them, and you certainly don’t need to go out and buy anything. Your intention is always the most important part of any spiritual practice.

Divination - Communicate with your Spirit Guides | Jen Merkel, Lightworker

8. Divination

Using divination tools is a very common way to receive messages from your Spirit Guide. The choices are seemingly endless. You might try the most popular method of reading Tarot or oracle cards. Casting lots of charms, runes, or bones is another effective way to receive a Spirit Guide message. You might be interested in trying tasseography, which is reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediment.

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9. Through a psychic intuitive

I find that getting a reading from a reputable psychic is an excellent option when I’m too close to a situation or just can’t seem to get clarity. I would recommend avoiding a psychic who allows their own ego to enter the reading. Your Spirit Guide will never give you any messages that instill fear or prompt you to purchase something that the psychic is selling.

It is important to me to work with a reader who has a similar stye as me. When I do a reading, I remove my ego from the equation, choosing to bring in the energy of my client’s Guides as well as my own. Then I relay the message to the client, offering guidance based on how I intuitively interpret it. My goal is always to have my client leave the reading with hope, love, and helpful information. That’s exactly what I look for in a psychic reader for myself.

9 ways to communicate with your Spirit Guides

Have you had success communicating with your Spirit Guides? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment or drop me an email.