Lion’s Gate Portal: How to make the most of this powerful cosmic energy

Lion's Gate Portal: How to make the most of this powerful cosmic energy

This time of year, social media is abuzz about Lion’s Gate Portal. But you may be asking, what exactly is it? And what can you do to take advantage of it?

Every August, the blue star Sirius aligns with our Sun in Leo. This creates a portal – called Lion’s Gate – which heightens the energies between the physical world (represented by our Sun) and the spiritual world (represented by Sirius). The portal opens on August 8th (8/8!) and remains open until August 12th. The energy is at its strongest when it first opens, but you can harness it anytime before it closes up.

Lion’s Gate is an extremely powerful time spiritually

You may experience a heightened spiritual awareness, especially if you have been working on your own spiritual growth. Lion’s Gate is the perfect time to accelerate this process. You’ll likely be receiving messages from your Spirit Team – and the epiphanies will really start flowing too!

This year already, my ear-ringing has been on the rise. For me, it’s an indication of my Guides reaching out to me clairaudiently, which is something I’ve been working on improving. You may start to feel the presence of spirits, or even see sparks, orbs, or shadows. If you already see these things, then perhaps they will appear more often.

Lion's Gate Portal: How to make the most of this powerful cosmic energy

How to make the most of Lion’s Gate energy

Ground and protect

Since it’s tremendously heightened energetic time, be sure you ground yourself regularly so you can maintain a healthy balance. If you start feeling dizzy or loopy, get headaches, ears ringing, and such, you are probably in need of a good grounding. When I find myself being extra clumsy and/or dropping things, I know it’s time to ground myself.

A simple grounding can be just visualizing your energy reaching through your feet into the Earth. Getting out into nature is a fantastic way to ground. Even if you live in the city like me, you will get some good grounding energy from walking barefoot in a patch of grass. If none of those are options for you, consider grounding with some crystals like smoky quartz, black tourmaline, or obsidian.


Harness the energy by concentrating on activating your heart, third eye, and/or crown chakras through meditation. Guided healing meditations like this one are great if you tend to battle mind chatter.


This is a powerful time for manifesting anything you desire! The number 8 signifies abundance and success, so 8/8 is all the more powerful! The number 8 also signifies a balance between the physical and spiritual, which of course is what Lion’s Gate is all about!

Do some dreamwork

Because of all this energy, they are likely to be more vivid. Keep a book and working pen at your bedside to journal any dreams you have. It’s also a good time to try out astral projection and/or lucid dreaming if that’s something you’ve been wanting to do. Similarly, remote viewing will come to you more easily when you are in your waking state.

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Be open to receiving information from your Spirit Team

Find somewhere peaceful to sit and relax. Anywhere in nature is ideal, but you can still do this just about anywhere it’s quiet and you won’t be disturbed. Then let the Universe know you are ready to receive its messages. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just sit quietly, relax and see what comes in.

It’s a good idea to keep a record of any downloads in your Spirit Journal. I like to go over mine every once in a while as a reminder of the important information Spirit and my Guides relay to me.

Lion's Gate Portal: Make the most of this cosmic energy

Unplug from technology and connect with nature 

Go for a long walk, unplugged! There’s nothing like communing with nature and being present to hear the sounds and see the sights with fresh eyes. Look closely, what do you see? What can you hear? Smell? Feel? Taste? Use all your senses to enjoy nature’s beautiful symphony. Of course, keep yourself open and receptive to any messages from Spirit.

Connect with helpful ancestors and loved ones on the Other Side

This is as simple as quieting your mind and inviting them to come to you. You might enhance the process by having one of their earthly possessions nearby. Don’t be afraid (or ashamed) to speak to them out loud, as though you’re having a conversation with them. Then pay attention to the messages you receive back.

Lion's Gate Portal: Make the most of the cosmic energy

Let the creativity flow

Start a new project or work on one you have had going for a while. If you’re working on improving your clairaudience, try writing, singing or playing an instrument. If you’d like to boost your clairvoyant abilities, perhaps some painting or sketching will help. Just remember to have fun with it! Enjoy the act of creating without the pressure of perfection.

Don’t consider yourself creative? Just grab a pen and paper and start sketching. Even if they’re just doodles or squiggles, your mind will receive the benefit.

Use crystals to boost the Lion’s Gate Portal energy even further

Crystals have amazing energy and there are several you can use to help magnify the Lion’s Gate power. I recommend celestite, labradorite, amethyst, selenite, or clear quartz. Again, be sure you also have a grounding crystal like hematite, black tourmaline, or obsidian to keep things balanced.

Get plenty of R&R

With all this strong physical and spiritual energy swirling around in the cosmos, you are bound to get worn out. Maintain balance by ensuring you are caring for your self. Don’t overdo it by trying to get too much going. It’s great to raise our vibration but going overboard can lead to becoming overworked. Get to bed early and try get a good night’s sleep!

Lion’s Gate Portal: Make the most of this cosmic energy

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