How to overcome childhood trauma with age regression

Heal your inner child with hypnosis

Healing your inner child with hypnotherapy

Even as adults, we carry trauma from childhood. It could be something as serious as abuse, neglect, or bullying. It might be something tragic that we witnessed. Or how our parents treated each other – that in itself will play a large part in how our own relationships play out as adults. For many people, healing inner child issues is crucial to leading a normal life, so today I’m sharing how to overcome childhood trauma with age regression.

What is the inner child?

Your inner child is the part of you that feels emotions based on your childhood experiences. These events affect how we feel and act even decades after we’ve grown.We may be consciously aware that these events happened far in the past. However, they are still embedded in our subconscious because it was forming during those impressionable years of our youth.

How is my inner child affecting me now?

In both a positive and negative sense, your inner child has shaped you into who you are. Your values and morals were founded on your childhood experiences, but so were your fears and doubts. Some of the most common consequences from negative inner child issues are self-doubt, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, self-sabotaging behavior, and more. Unwanted habits can also take root in the form of physical reactions like nail-biting, emotional eating, or substance abuse.

How to overcome childhood trauma with age regression

How does hypnosis help heal inner child issues?

When we work on healing your inner child with hypnosis, we change your subconscious mind so that it abandons the unwanted thoughts and fears you learned from childhood experiences. Then we teach your mind how you want it to react to those memories.

Hypnosis won’t make you forget those experiences, but your unconscious mind will see them in a different, more logical way. Moving forward, you will have a healthy attitude toward them, rather than reacting negatively.

What kind of results can I expect to see?

Multiple studies have proven that hypnosis can move people past their unwanted beliefs, and forward to success. In fact, studies show that hypnosis has longer-lasting results than conventional methods alone. People usually see dramatic improvement after their first session, but for lasting results I recommend 3-4 sessions.

I customize your holistic hypnosis session to you, so it won’t be a generic script. We address your own specific issues, and focus on the exact results you’re looking for. You will also receive supporting activities to do in between sessions, as well as a recording of each session. All of these things combined have been proven to give exceptional results.

How to overcome childhood trauma with age regression

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