The best crystals for sleeping and dreaming

The best crystals for sleeping and dreaming - Jen Merkel Holistic Hypnosis and Wellness

Crystals carry powerful healing energies and can enhance our spiritual experiences in so many ways. One of my favorite ways to use crystals is to enhance dream recall, help with lucid dreams, or just help me get a good night’s rest. Today I’m sharing the best crystals for sleeping and dreaming.

How to use crystals for sleep and dreams

Before I go into The best crystals for sleeping and dreaming, I thought it would be helpful to remind you that any time you use a crystal, it’s always all about intuition and intention.

Use your intuition to select the appropriate stone. Don’t go only with what I say here, or *gasp* a Google search! First ask yourself what feels right to me? Is a certain crystal giving you an intuitive nudge? If that’s the case, then give it a go! Your own intuition is going to give you an answer catered to your needs, much better than anyone else could.

As always, start by setting your intention

Let’s say at work there is someone who used to be friendly to you, but now is standoffish. You’re not sure why Joanna is acting this way, and you want the relationship to be better. You’ve tried a few things, but now you’re seeking guidance from Spirit (and/or your guides and angels). You decide you’d like to receive this guidance while you sleep.

For the above purpose, let’s say you intuitively selected a rose quartz from your collection. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand (which is the hand that ‘gives out’ energy). Next, either in your mind or out loud, say something like this, or whatever feels right to you:

“I invite Spirit, my guides, and angels into my dreams to help me with the situation I have with Joanna at work. I humbly ask for your help and guidance for this situation. What can I do to improve this relationship? What might have caused her distance? Thank you, Spirit, guides, and angels, as always, for your support, guidance and love.”

Next, take the rose quartz piece and place it near where you will be sleeping, like on the nightstand. Some people like to place a crystal under their pillow or on the bed, but this can be risky because it could fall to the floor and break, or even scratch you as you sleep. As you set your mind to doze off, it may be helpful to mentally review your intention again.

When you wake in the morning, purposefully think about what you may have dreamed. Did you receive a direct answer, or is there symbolic meaning to your dream? Did Joanna come to you in the dream to interact with you? Or did one of your loved ones from the Other Side come with a message for you?

Your answer may not come right away

If you don’t recall anything straight off the bat, don’t worry. It may reveal itself to you later in the day, or maybe as much as several days later. Perhaps it never consciously reveals itself, but you will see the problem become solved “magically” all on its own!

Don’t put too much pressure on your spirit team, but feel free to try again if you want to. As always, don’t forget to thank your spirit team for their help, even if you didn’t receive an answer immediately.

3 of my favorite sleep crystals: Danburite, lepidolite, and blue kyanite
3 of my favorite sleep crystals: Danburite, lepidolite, and blue kyanite

The best crystals for sleeping and dreaming

  • Dream recall: Danburite, hemimorphite, Herkimer diamond, scolecite, ametrine, blue calcite, clear quartz, malachite, iolite, blue kyanite
  • Dream interpretation/insight: Amethyst, dream quartz, hemimorphite, scolecite, clear quartz
  • Lucid dreaming: Angel aura quartz, shamanic dream stone/lodolite, Herkimer diamond, moldavite, dioptase
  • Astral projection: Shamanic dream stone/lodolite, labradorite, scolecite, iolite, black tourmaline (for protection during astral travel)
  • Dream work/solving problems: Amethyst, Herkimer diamond, moldavite, rainbow moonstone, rose quartz, angelite
  • Increasing intuitive abilities & spirit communication while sleeping: Amethyst, labradorite, scolecite, angelite
  • Connecting with loved ones on the Other Side: Obsidian, clear quartz, hematite, angelite
  • Emotional healing during sleep: Hemimorphite, azurite, angelite, blue kyanite
  • Peaceful sleep/relief from nightmares and insomnia: Lepidolite, howlite, blue calcite, chrysoprase, danburite, malachite, selenite
  • Entering sleep/falling asleep: Moonstone, rose quartz

The above list is by no means exhaustive – in fact you can really use any crystal while sleeping! If I need to work on my throat chakra I might tuck myself in next to my favorite piece of lapis lazuli, because I know it works well on the 5th chakra. It does all the work (well, most of the work) while I dream away. Talk about multi-tasking!

Helpful tip: Don’t crowd your crystals!

5 of wands - Jen Merkel Holistic Hypnosis and Wellness

When I was new to the world of crystals I wanted all the things! I was excited to try lucid dreaming, and also astral travel. It was important to me to recall my dreams and also develop my psychic abilities. But I really, really, wanted a restful sleep, too.

So I proceeded to place about 5,238 crystals into a pretty little dish on my nightstand.

After several nights, I realized that I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for… at all! I finally figured out it was because I had too much going on without enough focus. All that energy the crystals were bringing was a total five of wands situation! ➡️

Focus, focus, focus

For best results, pick one specific goal, then select just one or two crystals to use at a time. You might like to add a protection stone such as smoky quartz or hematite, but I wouldn’t recommend putting out any more than that. You can always switch them up the next evening! How fun is that?

Also, be mindful about which crystals you’re using together. For example, if you decide to use a Herkimer diamond help with lucid dreaming (a very spiritually-active activity) you probably shouldn’t pair it with lepidolite, which is used for calming and restful sleep. That would be like chugging down a Red Bull then taking a sleeping pill! ?

Sweet dreams, my lovelies! ?‍♀️?

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