The best crystals for improving communication

The best crystals for improving communication - Jen Merkel Hypnosis

Good communication is crucial for every type of relationship. But we all seem to have different challenges when it comes to effectively communicating with others. Today I’m sharing my list of the best crystals for improving communication.

How to use crystals to improve communication

When you’re working with crystals for any reason, you will find that keeping them in your pocket or holding them in your hand will be effective. However you can get the most out of. your communication crystal by wearing yit near your throat chakra as a pendant or earrings . No matter what your jewelry style and budget are, you will likely find something that works for you on Etsy.

The best crystals for improving communication

As you go through the list, you may notice that most of them are blue in color. This is no accident. The throat chakra is associated with the color blue, and working with this chakra will aid in better communication. Any of the blue stones will help with throat chakra work, though this list details the special talents each crystal has for specific challenges.

Blue kyanite - The best crystals for improving communication

Blue kyanite: Open your throat chakra

One of the most powerful communication crystals, blue kyanite opens the throat chakra. It creates better overall communication and self-expression and can increase your clairvoyance.

It is also associated with the third eye chakra, so it can help you contact and communicate with your spirit guide as well. If you have trouble with mind chatter while meditating, use this gemstone daily along with isochronic tones to help reduce these interruptions.

Lapis lazuli - The best crystals for improving communication

Lapis lazuli: Gain courage to speak your truth

This is a powerful go-to stone for general help with communicating. It will bring you courage while guiding you to use the right words to speak your truth in an unthreatening way. If you feel like you need to hold your tongue because of what others might think, lapis lazuli will help you find the confidence you need to be successful.

Sometimes sodalite is mistaken for lapis lazuli, as they are almost identical. You can tell the difference by looking for gold flecks or veins. Lapis has inclusions of pyrite, also known as fool’s gold.

Angelite - The best crystals for improving communication

Angelite: Communicate with angels

This gemstone aids in communicating specifically with angels. Use it while meditating to connect with them. I like to put a few tumbled angelite pieces near each window of my home to invite the angels in.

Angelite may also be used to contact loved ones who have passed to the Other Side. You can use it to help overcome grief from loss and find emotional healing.

Celestite - The best crystals for improving communication

Celestite: Improve spiritual communication

This gorgeous blue stone is often found in geode or cluster form, exposing its alluring sparkly qualities. Celestite has an amazingly high vibration and is associated with three chakras: throat, third eye, and crown. When you use it, you are incorporating all three of these chakras, improving upon all of your psychic gifts.

It is also a wonderful stone to use for communicating with your guardian angels.

Blue lace agate - The best crystals for improving communication

Blue lace agate: Relieve communication anxiety

This pretty gemstone in variegated blue tones promotes peace and calming while encouraging healthy relationships. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone who experiences anxiety interacting with others in social situations.

Blue lace agate also encourages healthy friendships and relationships, and can help attract non-judgmental people who will love you for your true self.

Aquamarine - The best crystals for improving communication

Aquamarine: Reduce tension during conversations

A natural stress-reducing gemstone, aquamarine will help you to speak effectively in situations that are emotionally-charged. Not only will it guide you during communication, it will also help you to keep your cool and soothe your emotions. If you dread family gatherings because of a history of arguments, aquamarine is a good choice to bring along to the next holiday dinner.

Septarian - The best crystals for improving communication

Septarian: Release fear of public speaking

If you have an upcoming speaking engagement or just need to address a crowd of any size, septarian can help. Also known as Dragon Stone, septarian will help you gain and retain your audience’s attention and interest while boosting your credibility. If your topic is controversial, septarian will be especially helpful because it enhances patience and tolerance for the opinions of others.

Turquoise - The best crystals for improving communication

Turquoise: Speak with both honesty and compassion

Some of us have trouble communicating honestly because we don’t want to hurt others’ feelings or disappoint them. Turquoise is a fantastic tool to use for this type of difficult conversation. It will help you find the best balance of truth and compassion when conversing with others.

Take special care to ensure your turquoise is authentic. Unfortunately there are some crystal dealers and wholesalers who misrepresent dyed stones like howlite as turquoise. As in this photo, real turquoise will have indented cracks (not smooth ones) and is generally more expensive than the fakes. If you can see the dye in the cracks, it’s very likely an imposter.

Clear quartz - The best crystals for improving communication

Clear quartz: Speak clearly and gain clarity

If you’re a regular reader here, then you know that clear quartz is my #1 go-to in the world of crystals. It can be used for literally any situation.

One of clear quartz’s best properties is that it will help with clarity. It will help you speak more clearly and be better understood, while also giving you clarity of the overall situation. Clear quartz will help you to grasp other perspectives as well, creating the most pure platform for communication.

Because it is associated with the crown chakra, clear quartz is also a great choice for communicating with Spirit and gaining Divine wisdom.

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