How to find healing through service to others

How to find healing through service to others

Healing is a journey, and often it is an arduous one with many twists and turns along the way. If you have been on a healing path for a while but can’t quite seem to get to the finish line, you might find healing through service to others.

How serving others can help you heal

It takes your mind off your own troubles

While you’re keeping busy pulling weeds for an elderly neighbor, you’ll be redirecting your focus away from your own problems. Doing manual labor like this is a fantastic way to give yourself a break from whatever is worrying you. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking about your woes less and less throughout your day. It’s a positive step toward healing.

How to find healing through service to others

It reminds you that you aren’t alone

The person you choose to help will undoubtedly have problems of their own, and likely different from yours. (Not necessarily better or worse, mind you.) It is a reminder that we all have challenges throughout our lives. There are always ups and downs, it’s just a part of life. And you’re certainly not the only one with problems.

It turns your sadness into happiness

Helping someone in need will give you great personal satisfaction. This is true regardless of whether you’re contributing to a favorite charitable cause or just helping one person in need. You’re using your energy to do something positive rather than spending time thinking about the problems you are facing.

And, if your Love Language is acts of service, it will most likely give you an extra boost of satisfaction!

You are contributing to the Greater Good

When you are doing something kind for another person, you are contributing to the love that exists within the Universe. We are all connected to each other, and each loving act you do benefits everyone because it contributes to society as a whole.

It gives you a sense of purpose

It feels good to help others and it feels good to be needed. When we have a sense of purpose, it reminds us that we have value and helps us to feel better about ourselves. And feeling good about yourself is one of the keys to healing.

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How to find healing through service to others

You don’t have to make a big gesture, and it doesn’t even have to be a big time commitment. Just doing one little thing for someone else is a display of selflessness. And who knows, you might decide that you like it so much, you want to do more and more.

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