The best times to clear negative energy from your home

The best times to clear negative energy from your home

There isn’t really a bad time to do a home clearing. Even if you’re in a bad mood, doing a good cleanse will probably help boost it! But there definitely are some optimal times you should clear your home from unwanted energy. Today I’m sharing the best times to clear negative energy from your home.

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The best times to clear negative energy from your home

On moving day

There’s nothing like moving into a new place! I tend to move a lot, and as long as I can overlook the dozens of moving boxes, I usually am pretty excited about giving the new space my personal touch. But before I even open the first moving box, you’ll find me giving the place a good, deep energy clearing.

Whoever called it home before me was living there for at least a year, possibly several. I never feel like my new place is truly “mine” until I have the opportunity to clear away the energies I didn’t personally bring in.

The best times to clear negative energy from your home

New moon, new energy

I always do a major energy cleanse during the New Moon phase. Since that’s a time when we’re involved with new beginnings and making room for manifestations, clearing out my home makes sense. It also ensures my place gets a thorough clearing at least every 28 days. I do the clearing right before my ritual, so that I can celebrate with fresh, clean energy around me.

Major celebrations

This would include anything you celebrate in your spiritual practice such as holidays on the Wheel of the Year. Although I do a clearing before every ritual, I give it extra attention during the equinoxes and solstices. I do this because there is more of a major shift in energy during those times. For example, for Disting/Imbolc I might do a quick smudge around my altar, but since Summer Finding/Ostara land on the Spring equinox I spend more time and effort giving my energetic space a real, “deep cleaning.”

After visitors leave

When guests visit, they bring energy into your home, and I have found that they often (inadvertently) leave some behind. Doing a quick cleanse would be helpful after an appliance repairman leaves. But if you have houseguests staying for a week, weekend, or even just overnight, you might need to do some deeper cleansing once they leave.

The best times to clear negative energy from your home

If you work remotely

When you close up your laptop for the day, it’s a good idea to do at least a quick cleanse. That will ensure any challenges and stresses you had during your workday are eliminated from your space.

Because of the nature of my own work, I do an energy cleanse before and after each client video call. This ensures that they are not picking up any negative energy from each other. Even if you don’t work with clients in that way, you might feel a need to break out the sage after an intense video meeting.

Anytime you think you might need to

If your space is feeling dreary or stale, or if you’re feeling down and not sure why, it might be a sign that you need to clear your space. Adding beauty in the process will bring you an extra mood boost. My favorite mood-boosting cleansing tools include scents like cinnamon sticks, rosemary leaves, and jasmine incense. You can even burn a favorite fragrant soy candle to clear the energy, so long as that is the intention you set.

The best times to clear negative energy from your home

Remember, you don’t have to go all out with a major clearing or complicated process every time! Just programming a clear quartz crystal and placing it on your table or windowsill can work in a pinch.

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