Improving your intuition: Journal prompts for April 2021

Improving your intuition: Journal prompts for April 2021

Journaling is a meditative process. It’s also an incredible way to work on improving your intuition while gaining greater insight and inner wisdom. Use these journal prompts to get started!

Improving your intuition: Journal prompts for April 2021

What blocks do I need to remove in order to better trust my intuition?

Consider what may be holding you back. Often it is our own limiting beliefs, but sometimes it can be our fears about what others will think. When I’m not sure about what my blocks are, I take a moment to quiet my mind and meditate. I focus on what fears I am holding onto that are keeping me from my goal.

What habit changes can I make to help improve my intuitive connection?

Our bodies are the temple to our soul, so treating your body with respect is important. If you have a negative attitude about your body, perhaps it’s time to work on some self-love and body appreciation using affirmations.

But also consider…

What are you feeding your body? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you getting enough sleep and rest? Do you need to spend more time in nature? What television programs are you watching? What do your body and mind need to be their best right now?

When I sit quietly and still my mind, what messages am I receiving?

You don’t have to do a full meditation in order to connect with your Higher Self. This question is designed to prompt you to take a brief break to be still, clear your mind, and really listen to what Spirit is telling you.

What can I do now, to improve my connection with Spirit?

Think of some things you can do to help improve your connection with the Divine. This might be establishing a gratitude practice, doing a ritual, meditating regularly, or something else.

Improving your intuition: Journal prompts for April 2021

Check back next month for more journal prompts!

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