How to clear out negative energy from your home

How to clear out negative energy from your home

Your home is your space – the one place on Earth that you should feel most comfortable – like yourself. But in order to keep it comfortable energetically, it’s important to do an energy cleanse every so often. Today I’m sharing how to clear out negative energy from your home.

I should start out by saying, the process of doing a home clearing doesn’t have to be complicated. Even when I do a “major” clearing, it only takes about a minute or two. A quick clearing might take up a whopping 3 seconds of my time. What’s important is that you do what feels right for the situation. If you feel that your space has a lot of heavy energy, then I recommend taking a bit more time with it.

Also, this is how I personally clear my home. It is meant to be a suggestion and inspiration for you. You should always do what your own intuition guides you to do – but hopefully this will give you an idea of where you can start.

How to clear out negative energy from your home

Step 1: Grab any helpful tools

How to clear out negative energy from your home

This step is completely optional! That’s right – you don’t actually need any physical tools. But I personally love using something from my collection because they help me to be more intentional while raising the vibe in my home. Here are some of the tools you might like to try.

  • Crystals – Their high vibration will add an energetic boost to any space. My favorite crystals for clearing energy are clear quartz and satin spar (selenite).
  • Smoke – a great way to cleanse the energy in your home is to burn something like white sage or palo santo wood. I also love burning rosemary and cinnamon sticks. If you do burn, make sure you do it safely, with something to catch any sparks that might drop onto flammable furniture or floor coverings.
  • Water – I prefer to use spring water because it’s natural. You could use any type of water you choose, especially if you do an energy clearing on it first. If I have any moon water, I will often use that!
  • Salt – I sometimes sprinkle salt into the water I use for clearing. You could also just sprinkle it around as you go. Again, I personally prefer the more natural options like sea salt and Himalayan pink salt, but any type of salt will do.
  • Sound – When I’m using sound to do a clearing, I might strike a bell, a crystal sound bowl, or a Tibetan singing bowl. I have also used wind chimes, soothing music, or even my voice. A sound bath is a lovely way to clear out negative energy and replace it with positive vibes.

The above are just examples of some of the tools you can use to enhance your energy clearing. Feel free to get creative and use whatever your intuition guides you to!

How to clear out negative energy from your home

Step 2: Move to your starting point

I like to start at a door that leads to the outside, which I crack open just a bit. This allows the negative energy to flow outside rather than stay trapped in my space. You could also start at a window that is cracked open.

Step 3: Set your intention

This is the most important part! Setting your intention to clear your space from negative energy is the only thing you need, but it is an essential part of the process. I like to set my intention by closing my eyes, taking a deep breath. Then I call in any of my angels or guides for protection. I then state my intention to clear my home of negative energy either out loud or in my mind.

Step 4: Move around the interior

Next, I begin to move around my space’s interior in a clockwise direction. As I do, I use my intention to direct the clearing energy toward all the areas of each room. That includes under the bed, into corners, inside closets, pantries, appliances, and cupboards, inside the shower, etc. If I am using a tool like water or salt, I will sprinkle it throughout as I go along. Smoke would be fanned with a feather, and sound would be directed in the same way.

As I am moving through the space, I will also direct clearing energy to any pets, plants, my crystal collection, and anything else that I would like to cleanse – including myself!

Step 5: Return to your starting point

Once I get all the way through the home and return to my starting point, I stand facing inwards. Then I make an “infinity” symbol [ ∞ ] three times with my hands or whatever tool I am using. This will seal off the space and complete the process.

It’s really not complicated or time-consuming!

I know the above directions are pretty detailed – this is because I wanted to provide you with options and suggestions. Honestly, when I do a “full” clearing it never takes me more than about 60 seconds. Again, the best thing to do is try different things and figure out what feels right for you.

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