11 beautiful affirmations for trusting your intuition

11 beautiful affirmations for trusting your intuition

My favorite thing to do is help others improve their spiritual gifts. Many of my Intuitive Development students find their biggest challenge to be learning to trust the messages they are receiving. So today I’m sharing 11 beautiful affirmations for trusting your intuition.

How to use affirmations to trust your intuition

Affirmations are a powerful tool for manifesting anything you desire. However in order to make the most of their power, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Keep them positive

The Universe is excellent at sending us what we are focusing on. So if you are focusing on the lack of something, you will continue to receive it! Instead, find a way to tell the Universe what you DO want instead of what you DO NOT want. Keeping your thoughts focused on positive outcomes will ensure their delivery to you.

Say them out loud

When it comes to affirmations, just “thinking them” isn’t enough. When you use your voice to say them out loud, you are making a declaration to the Universe that “this is how it is”. And very importantly, your subconscious hears them as well, and accepts them as your truth.

Make them a habit

The more you use affirmations, the better they work! So making them a part of your daily routine is important. I like to recite mine every morning and each night. Until they become a firm habit, you might try setting an alarm on your phone as a reminder. Or you could print them out and tape them to your bathroom mirror.

11 beautiful affirmations for trusting your intuition

11 beautiful affirmations for trusting your intuition
  1. I trust the messages I receive from my inner self.
  2. When my intuition sends me a message, I listen and know it to be true.
  3. The guidance I receive from my intuition is strong and clear.
  4. I am firmly connected to my inner vision.
  5. My intuition grows stronger each day.
  6. When I am uncertain, my inner self always has the answer.
  7. I trust my intuition to lead me on the right path.
  8. The Universe provides me with everything I need.
  9. I listen to my body when it communicates with me.
  10. My intuition always guides me to the right course of action.
  11. Every day, I am living as my true, authentic self.

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