Use these journal prompts for performance success

March Journal Prompts

This year I started sharing journal prompts which I use to help get my mind going in the right direction. These questions are targeted to get you thinking about what’s holding you back and visualizing what your future success looks like. You can use these journal prompts for performance success, our topic for the month of March.

Use these journal prompts for performance success

1. In what ways might I be hindering my own progress?

What is happening in your head that’s holding you back? Are you overthinking things? What emotions do you need to release to move forward and accomplish your goals?

2. What tasks or projects am I putting off doing, and why?

What are the main things that you really want to get done, but seem to keep putting off? Why is this happening? What fears are you experiencing about them? How can you move forward and make them your reality?

3. What limiting beliefs am I hanging on to?

How are you limiting yourself? What beliefs are you holding onto that are keeping you from reaching those goals? Where do these beliefs come from and how can you release them?

4. What does “successful me” look like?

This is an exercise in visualization. Take a moment to see yourself as that “you” who has completed your goals. You’ve reached your summit. Now, how does that look? How does it feel? Write it down. Continue visualizing it in meditation to make it your reality.

Use these journal prompts for performance success

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