The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition - Jen Merkel Holistic Hypnosis and Wellness

In my Intuitive Development Program, we spend a lot of time talking about how to use crystals. Their energetic properties make them a natural tool for intuitive work, and they are highly accessible and (usually) affordable. Today I’m sharing my list of the 7 best crystals for improving your intuition. You can use these crystals to help improve your psychic abilities like clairvoyance and clairsentience.

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Intention is always your most essential tool

When working with crystals, be sure to charge the crystal with your intention. I like to call this “giving your crystal a job” because that’s basically what you’re doing. Some possible intentions for intuitive development could be:

  • Enhance communication with your guides
  • Receive more clarity about a situation
  • Improve clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, or clairsentience
  • Open your third eye chakra
  • Protection from negative energy

Usually, each crystal should have only one job at a time, but you can change that intention as often as you like. So essentially, you might use a single crystal for one intention today, and a different intention tomorrow.

There is an exception to this rule, and that would be a single crystal that has multiple inclusions. For example, chevron amethyst is purple, but also has white quartz inclusions. So in this case, you can take advantage of the properties from each component. See #6 below for a great example of this.

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition

Here is my list of recommendations, in no particular order. All of these stones are pretty common, so finding them is easy and they won’t break the bank.

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition - Clear Quartz

1. Clear Quartz

If you want to start working with crystals and you’re not sure where to begin, clear quartz is a great place to start. It’s an amazingly powerful crystal, and so versatile that it can literally be used for any purpose. However, the best uses of clear quartz relating to intuitive development include clearing the crown chakra and aiding in communication with your Higher Self. You can also use it to amplify the energy of any other crystals you are working with.

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition - Smoky Quartz

2. Smoky Quartz

When you spend a lot of time working on raising your vibration and improving your intuition, it’s easy to become imbalanced. You might get headaches, feel dizzy, clumsy, or out of place. To help with this, I recommend using smoky quartz to stay grounded. Have it nearby when you are doing intuitive work or wear it on your body as jewelry. You can even keep a piece in your pocket or bra. This crystal is also good for dispelling negativity and keeping any fears at bay.

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition - Labradorite

3. Labradorite

This beautiful stone often has what is called a “flash” which makes it one of the sexiest crystals out there. Labradorite was the first crystal I ever purchased, though I now have a collection of over 200. But I still use that same labradorite crystal from the early days when I’m doing readings for clients. You can use this crystal to improve your intuition (especially clairaudience) and protect against negativity. Labradorite will also help you find strength throughout any type of transformation.

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition - Amethyst

4. Amethyst

This purple stone is known for its ability to help open the third eye. So using it will improve clairvoyance, but it will also enhance all of your other psychic abilities as well. Amethyst also activates spiritual awareness, so it can help you communicate with your Spirit Team and better understand the messages they have for you.

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition - Satin Spar

5. Satin Spar

A form of selenite and often mislabeled as such, satin spar is associated with the crown chakra and will help you to raise your vibration. However it is one of the best crystals to use for clearing energy, so it can help keep your chakras clear and in balance. Satin spar is also an excellent tool for energy healing and connecting with past lives. It can also be used to cleanse any of your crystals – simply set them on top of a piece of satin spar until you feel they have been cleared of negative energies.

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition - Rainbow Fluorite

6. Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite is another highly versatile gemstone that comes in many different colors. Rainbow fluorite is a single stone that has multiple colors within it, and takes on the properties of each of its colors all at once. I think of it as a crystal “multivitamin”. I have a piece of rainbow fluorite with green, blue, and purple stripes. Because these colors work with the heart, throat, and third eye chakra respectively, I like to use it during meditation to clear those chakras, raise my vibration, and boost my psychic abilities.

The 7 best crystals for improving your intuition - Lapis Lazuli

7. Lapis Lazuli

This gemstone is a vivid blue color and has pyrite inclusions which look like little flecks of gold. (If you find lapis lazuli that does not have gold flecks, it’s probably sodalite). Lapis lazuli is a powerful throat chakra stone. Not only will it enhance your clairaudience, it will also aid in communication of any kind. I wear my lapis lazuli bracelet when doing readings at holistic fairs. The intention I set is to help me communicate the information gained during the readings, clearly and with the most loving intent.

But wait… there’s more!

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