Tarot Spread for Ostara and Summer Finding

Tarot & Oracle Card Spread for Summer Finding / Ostara

I created this Tarot Spread for Ostara and Summer Finding and wanted to share it with you. Feel free to use it to obtain guidance from the Universe with your own Tarot or Oracle Card deck.

Summer Finding is celebrated in Norse Pagan tradition and Ostara is part of the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. Both celebrations mark the coming of Spring. New beginnings, fertility, and a time to plant seeds for the things we want to grow in the upcoming season.

Tarot Spread for Ostara and Summer Finding

Spring cleaning: What do I need to clear away?

The card that comes up in this position will give you an idea of something that you may be holding on to which no longer serves you. What might be holding you back from future success? Think of it as an inner “Spring cleaning” that needs to be done.

Equinox: Where do I need more balance?

The upcoming Equinox is a time to celebrate the mid-point of the solar calendar. Light and dark are equal and balanced. This card will tell you what aspect of your life needs more balance. It could also indicate what you need to do in order to become more balanced overall.

Planting: What will bring me new growth?

This card will help you determine what you need to do in order to see advancement with your goals. It might also be a sign of a part of your life in which you need to cultivate growth. In that case, it is a favorable time to make progress in that area and really bloom!

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