New Moon Tarot/Oracle Card Spread

New Moon Tarot/Oracle Card Spread

I created this New Moon Tarot/Oracle Card Spread as a tool to ask the Universe for guidance during the New Moon energy. The spread is designed to be easy to use and answer some simple questions that will help us to navigate the energy occurring during this, or any New Moon.

Feel free to use it during this weekend’s New Moon in Pisces or any future New Moon. The moon’s energy is active 2 days prior and 2 days after its peak. Since this New Moon peaks Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 4:21am CST (5:21am EST, 2:21am PST), its energy is active between Thursday, March 11th at 4:21am CST and Monday, March 15th at 4:21am.

New Moon Tarot/Oracle Card Spread

1. What is the overall energy for this New Moon?

The card that comes up here will represent the important reminders or lessons that we need to keep in mind during this New Moon phase. It will show you in a general sense, how the people and circumstances around you will behave.

2. How will it affect me?

This card will reveal how the New Moon’s energy will specifically affect you. It may show you feelings that will come up, or perhaps lessons that you will need to learn.

3. What do I need to let go of?

The New Moon is about releasing what doesn’t serve us. The card that comes up in this position will be a reminder of something that we need to let go of. Sometimes a more “positive” card will show up here (like The Sun), and in that case we need to think a little deeper. What is this card’s shadow side? Or what are the blocks that are keeping us from achieving what this card represents?

4. How can I raise my vibration?

The card in this position will show us what we need to think about in order to raise our vibration. What do we need more or less of? What do we need to change?

Bring it all together

As always, the cards in a reading have relationships to each other. Once you look at each of them individually, take a moment to consider how they all interrelate. What is your takeaway? What is the overall lesson or theme?

Please share your results in the comments!

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