How to overcome limiting beliefs

How to overcome limiting beliefs

The thing that holds us back from success most often is our own belief that we are incapable of accomplishment, or perhaps just not likely to succeed. It is possible to overcome limiting beliefs – though it does take a lot of work and self-searching.

How do you know if you have self-limiting beliefs?

How do I know if I have self-limiting beliefs?

Have you ever been having a great day, the sun is shining and all is going well in your world… then BAM you hit something on the freeway and end up inconveniently stranded, resulting in a $350 car repair bill?

In case you hadn’t yet figured it out, that was me. While I was waiting for the tow truck I called my friend April and she said, “Sounds like an upper limit problem.”

“What? No! That’s not me. No way, I responded confidently. I am a powerful manifester. I know all the things. And I 100% believe in myself and my capabilities to make anything happen.

Then a few weeks later I read the book she had recommended to me, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Guess what… I had an upper limit problem!

A tendency to self-sabotage is one sign that you have self-limitations. Whether we realize it or not, if we have set any limits on our own success, our subconscious will make sure we never go past that self-imposed ceiling. We may never even reach it!

Why do we set limits on ourselves?

Psychologists say we do it to avoid taking risks. Although we may aspire to accomplish great things, they would bring us too far out of our comfort zone. It’s natural for us to crave stability and safety, and taking a big risk may not be worth it for us.

A simple fear of failure is another explanation. This may stem from the underlying belief that we may not be as competent as we think we are. By setting a limit, we prevent ourselves from climbing too high, failing, and then having a long fall back to the bottom.

Another possibility is the thought that if we succeed, others will be envious of us. We might consciously think that someone who is jealous of our success is unworthy of our friendship. But subconsciously we may fear losing the love of friends and family if they are bitter about our success.

How to overcome limiting beliefs

How to overcome limiting beliefs

Acknowledge your fears

By admitting that you have a fear of something, you are acknowledging its existence. This will help you to move forward and hopefully conquer that fear. Just because you are afraid of something doesn’t mean you can’t still do it!

Your fear is not necessarily a truth

According to Psychology Today, you have a choice here. You can choose to accept your limitation as a reality, or fight against it. It’s important to think about how these fears and limitations are keeping you from your goals.

What would you rather believe?

Time to get creative! Think about what thought you would like to replace that fear with. Then turn it into a positive affirmation (remember to use the present tense, as though it is already true). Write it down and say it out loud daily.

Remove the “I can’t” from your thoughts

I enjoy playing the ukulele. I mostly play chords, and am probably at intermediate level. Just today I was pondering a thought I have had often, that I’d love to be able to be good at picking (playing single notes). This is a talent that I definitely do not possess, despite my longtime desire to. In my head, I told myself, “I just can’t do it.”

But then I remembered this blog post, which I actually wrote yesterday. I immediately went back to my laptop and added this section because I realized how important it is to remove that negative self-talk. I needed to take that self-limiting “I can’t” mentality out of the equation.

I pledged to myself that in future, instead of succumbing to “I can’t” (which is untrue anyway) I’m going to be more accurate and self-supporting by saying “It’s difficult, but I could do it if I wanted.” After all, this is the truth! I certainly could become good at picking, it would just take a great deal of practice, patience, and persistence.

It is important to accept that you have a choice. I still may choose not to pursue this talent, at least at this time. It’s my option to do so or not, and whichever I choose is completely OK. Negative self-talk is both damaging and untruthful.

Act “as if”

This is the time to take that affirmation and make it your truth. Act as if it were already true. Live your life as though it has already happened. If you were the type of person who dresses fashionably, what would you wear today? If you were someone who was healthy and fit, would you go to the gym today? If you were someone who wanted to be good at picking on a ukulele, how often would you be practicing that skill?

How to overcome limiting beliefs

Studies show that hypnotherapy has a high success rate for changing ingrained fears that affect a person’s success. When I work with clients who have limiting beliefs, I take the time to ask in-depth questions so I can find out what is really holding them back. Then while they are in a hypnotic state, I feed their subconscious with positive affirmations based on the goals they want to exceed.

I would be happy to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and invite you to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

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