All About Fairies with Karen Kay, “The Fairy Lady”

Spiritual Basics Podcast Episode #27

Learn about fairies with Karen Kay!

In this episode, we welcome a VERY SPECIAL guest – Karen Kay! Known as the Fairy Lady, Karen has appeared on the UK’s ITV This Morning and is editor of Soul & Spirit Magazine. She has two oracle decks published with Hay House UK including Oracle of the Fairies.

Karen gives us tips about fairies – where to find them, how to attract them, and how to manifest with them. She also shares information on her beautiful music and the magical 3 Wishes Fairy Festival held in Cornwall, UK each year. At the end of the episode, Karen gives us a reading from her Oracle of the Fairies deck!

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All About Fairies with "The Fairy Lady" Karen Kay - Spiritual Basics Podcast with April and Jen

All About Fairies with Karen Kay, “The Fairy Lady”

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