How to successfully manifest money and wealth

How to successfully manifest money and wealth

I am on a mission to make 2021 a purposeful year, so this month we’re working on sharpening our manifesting skills. Let’s work on attracting the things we want for ourselves! Today, I’m sharing guidance on how to successfully manifest money and wealth.

First, a disclaimer: I am not a financial professional and don’t give actual financial “advice”. When looking to make financial decisions it is best to consult someone who is well-versed in the industry, but I recommend you always follow your gut instinct for best results.

Let’s talk about the difference between money and wealth

Money is the actual form of currency. This may take the physical shape of coins and dollar bills, or it could be virtual currency moving through your bank account. It’s what passes between two people or entities as part of an exchange for goods or services, or given as a gift or donation.

Wealth is more of a state of being, and likely your end goal. In the Oxford dictionary, wealth is defined as follows:

Definition of wealth by the Oxford English dictionary

So as you can see, wealth doesn’t always mean money. When manifesting, it’s up to you to decide what wealth looks like. What do you want it to look like for you?

What does wealth look like for you?

How to successfully manifest money and wealth

Set a clear intention

Specificity is important when it comes to manifesting. When you are looking to bring more money into your life, don’t just tell the Universe that you would like more money, lest it start sending you pennies! Instead, set the intention to manifest something specific like $100 bills, a 15% raise, or a 10-figure bank account.

Change your mindset about money

One of the biggest successes I had with money began when I changed my mindset about paying bills. I was raised to think that paying bills was an unwanted chore, likened to getting a root canal. During tax time, we knew not to go anywhere near my father because his temperament would be more sour than usual.

When I was married, I had to carefully time when to show bills to my ex because I feared a temper flare-up. As someone who runs away from confrontation, I can still feel the pit in my stomach over this. I remember him saying on more than one occasion, “I’m tired of being poor!” (Mind, we were never “poor” or even close to being so).

After my divorce, I was fully responsible for my own money for the first time in my life. I decided to approach it with a perspective of gratitude and appreciation. Each time I made a payment of any kind, I would say this affirmation out loud:

I appreciate that I am able to use this money, which I earned, to pay rent this month.

I actually began to enjoy paying bills – and I still do! It gives me an amazing sense of empowerment. I earned this money. I deserve it. And I can now exchange it for something I need or want. It is such a freeing feeling, to know that all my bills are paid and I usually have some left over for savings!

Treat money with respect

Are you treating money with respect?

What does your “bill paying space” look like right now? Is it a cluttered mass of invoices and statements? Do the bills sit on your kitchen counter in a pile mixed with all the junk mail? Take 15 minutes to organize a specific place for your bills and financial statements. Keep it neat and tidy to show the Universe you are serious about manifesting wealth.

Next, take a look at how you treat money and things of value. Are you wasteful or careless with resources? Do you disregard or lack appreciation for them?

One of my clients, Samantha, was recently having money troubles. During her session I asked specific questions which uncovered that she was being mindlessly wasteful. She thought about it for a while, and realized that she was doing things like throwing out leftovers that could have been used for future meals. She was also paying for digital services (music, videos, file storage) that she wasn’t using. And a quick look at her closet revealed many items she purchased that she had worn a few times, or in some cases, still had the tags attached.

Once Samantha made some adjustments, becoming more mindful of how she treated money, she saw a turnaround. Not only did she instantly start saving money on everyday things, she actually began to see more money coming in. Most notably, she got an unexpected raise at work!

The Universe wants us to take good care of our resources, and it will reward us by sending us more of what we desire.

Pyrite - an excellent crystal for manifesting money

Tools to help you manifest money

There are thousands of ways to manifest, so here is a short list of some of my favorites:

  • Hypnotherapy will help you change your subconscious mindset about money, and therefore attract more of it into your life. We can also work on changing any unwanted patterns and practices you may have learned from your parents.
  • Positive affirmations, because “what you think about, you bring about.” Say them out loud on a daily basis to see your bank account grow.
  • Meditation can clear the things that are blocking our subconscious from manifesting money. Concentrate on clearing your Root Chakra, the chakra associated with money and security.
  • Crystals like pyrite, malachite, and yellow tiger’s eye are helpful when specifically manifesting money and wealth (watch my YouTube video, The best crystals for manifesting money)
  • Angels love to help us manifest anything, so long as we ask. As with anything, be specific so they know how to best help you.

As a Transformational Life Coach and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, I help people train their brain to think differently so they can break old, unwanted patterns. Book your free consultation and assessment online.

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