Don’t make these manifesting mistakes like I did!

Don't make these manifesting mistakes like I did!

When I first started my spiritual development journey, it all began with the Law of Attraction. LOA is very often a gateway to intuitive development, and that was certainly the case for me. I learned the hard way that you actually can do it wrong. Don’t make these manifesting mistakes like I did!

Don’t make these manifesting mistakes

Mistake #1: Ambiguity attracts the unexpected

Being vague can cost you, literally. For example, when I first started manifesting I simply asked for money. I wanted money, and the Universe started giving it to me. In the form of pennies and dimes!

Fortunately I caught on and make a quick tweak. I started sending out vibes for larger currencies and soon started seeing random $20 bills on the sidewalk. True story!

Be specific about what you want to attract. For example, owning a 5-bedroom beach house in Abaco, The Bahamas, that’s no more than 100 feet from the water.

Manifesting Mistake #2: Being a complainer

Mistake #2: Being a complainer

In order to attract your desired outcomes, it is crucial to maintain a high vibration. Negativity puts you in a lower vibration. So when you’re in that state you’ll attract low vibration things while blocking the stuff you really want.

To keep your vibration high, it’s best to stay away from anything negative. Refrain from speaking unfavorably about anyone or anything. If you’re out in public and overhear someone complaining, relocate to a spot where you’re out of earshot.

The next time you catch yourself thinking about how horrible your boss is, make a quick switch. Start visualizing your boss at the awesome new job you want to attract instead.

Another way to get into a higher vibration is to feed your soul the most positive energy. Cut down on your screen time. Follow social accounts that have positive messages (like mine!). This was one of the first things I did on my manifesting journey and it had the greatest impact on my success.

And avoid television when you can. When you do watch it, make sure it’s not something like crime shows or drama-filled reality TV. Good alternatives would be things like feel-good romance movies, cooking shows, and sporting events.

Manifesting Mistake #3: Lack mentality is your enemy

Mistake #3: Lack mentality is your enemy

Focusing on what you don’t have is going to keep you in that same low vibration mode as noted above. And while you’re focusing on what you do not want, it is not possible to attract what you do want.

It’s easy to forget this rule and focus on your “lack”. Let’s say you’re wanting to manifest a new romantic partner. You may find yourself thinking about how you don’t have that special someone in your life. Try to work on catching yourself doing this, then switch your thoughts to allowing new love to come into your life.

Mistake #4: Desperation, pushing, or just wanting it too badly

I spent the better part of 2020 trying to manifest too hard. It is actually a thing! I wanted my business to be grow substantially, to get a ton of new clients, to have dozens of people sign up for my online events. The result was only moderate success.

About the time October rolled around I had an “aha moment”. I realized that I was trying too hard. I was pushing instead of allowing. I forgot that I am on the Universe’s timeline, not my own.

I then remembered that it was my job to tell the Universe what I wanted. Subsequently, it is the Universe’s job to figure out how it’s going to happen, and deliver the results. I had to detach from the process and just allow.

Mistake #5: Thinking small will net small results

Mistake #5: Thinking small will net small results

Limiting beliefs are the quickest way to kill our manifesting success. For example, if you want a new car and you set the intention to get a hatchback, there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ll get your hatchback.

But manifesting comes in all sizes. While you’re working on attracting that practical new car, be sure you also work toward your dream car. Set your sights on that red convertible sports car with the same mindful intention. Soon you’ll be seeing it in your driveway!

If you’re making any of these manifesting mistakes, don’t worry!

Fortunately, manifesting mistakes are super easy to fix. Once you realize how the Law of Attraction works, you’ll quickly start reaping the rewards of your efforts.

More than anything, give yourself a break! You’re only human and we’re bound to make mistakes every day. Even Abraham Hicks, arguably the world expert on the Law of Attraction, tells us that we need to be patient with ourselves. We are not expected to be perfect, ever. Life is a learning process.

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