5 manifesting tips from an expert

5 manifesting tips from an expert

Hooray, we made it to 2021! Since we spent so much time releasing our unwanted emotional baggage last month, this month we’ll be talking about manifesting what we want to bring into our lives. Today I’m sharing 5 tips from a manifesting expert – me!

What makes me an expert, you ask?

Hypnotherapy is a safe, drug-free way way to manifest literally anything. You can use hypnosis to manifest things like emotional and physical healing, increased intuitive abilities, self-confidence, weight loss, and quitting bad habits. As a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, I have helped people manifest many things well beyond their expectations.

But even before I studied hypnotherapy, I considered myself an expert at manifesting because I spent many years intensely studying how to do so. Moreover, I practiced the techniques posed by major thought leaders to successfully manifest things like a new job, a new home, a raise and promotion, and even cold, hard cash! I was successful in manifesting major things like healed relationships, and minor things like great parking spaces. I even manifested my dog!

Today I’m sharing my best manifesting tips in hopes that they will help you, too!

5 manifesting tips from an expert

Tip #1: Be specific

For example, if you want a new job, be specific about the details. Make sure you’re touching on things like location, pay, duties, job title, and even your desired industry or company. Otherwise you may find yourself working at your “new job” doing something you don’t like, at a much lower pay grade.

I made this classic mistake early on in my manifesting days. While manifesting “money” I was just getting pennies and dimes. Once I tweaked my process to be more detailed, I began finding $20 bills and receiving unexpected checks in the mail for more than $1000!

5 manifesting tips from an expert: Visualize

Tip #2: Visualize

Have you ever heard the saying, “What you think about, you bring about”? This is the main idea of manifesting. Your thoughts are telling the Universe what to send into your human life experience. For this reason, being purposeful about your thoughts is an important way to strategize your manifestation.

So if you’re looking to manifest a new home for instance, close your eyes and picture yourself in this home with your friends and loved ones surrounding you. How have you decorated it? What does the yard look like? What kinds of things are you doing at your new home? What are your neighbors like? Spending time on these details also goes hand in hand with Tip #1.

Tip #3: Ditch the negativity

That think about/bring about saying above has another important place here. The Universe, like your subconscious, doesn’t recognize negatives, even in everyday conversations. So if for instance, you say out loud, “My boss is such a jerk” you’ll probably see him continue to be a jerk!

Instead, reword your affirmation to something like “My boss is a loving, kind person who rewards me for a job well done with cash.” (See how I slipped in that specificity too?)

5 manifesting tips from an expert: Appreciation attracts more things to appreciate

Tip #4: Appreciation attracts more things to appreciate

Your appreciation of something is telling the Universe what you like, what you want. So when you show appreciation for something, the Universe will send you more things like it. Spend some time reflecting on how you appreciate the things around you.

You may wish to start a journal, do it through social posts, or just take a few moments each day to do a mini meditation about appreciation.

Side note: Gratitude vs. Appreciation (there is a difference)

Gratitude is when you are thankful for something: “I am grateful for my bed.”

Appreciation is showing gratitude for the experience you have with it: “I appreciate how comfortable my bed is. My bedding makes me feel so warm and helps me to get restful sleep every night.”

Tip #5: Be consistent

Like anything, the more you practice these tips, the better you’ll get. But when you’re making changes in your routine it can be easy to forget! Set an alarm on your phone, a reminder on your calendar, or put a post-it note up on your bathroom mirror.

Make manifesting a daily practice and you’ll soon see big changes in your life. The Universe can’t wait to send you the things you really want!

If you’re looking for more tips on manifesting, check out my YouTube video: The Best Crystals for Manifesting Money.

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