Weight Loss Studies: Hypnotherapy Nets Proven Results

Weight loss studies: Hypnotherapy nets proven results

If you’re like millions of people, you have spent a good part of your life watching the scale move up and down. Several studies have found that people using hypnotherapy as part of their weight loss program see better results overall. Today I’m sharing insight from the top studies regarding hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Research shows that hypnotherapy gets lasting, long term results

The University of Northern Colorado Department of Psychology conducted a study of 109 subjects in 1985. All subjects participated in behavioral management for weight loss, but only 50% received hypnotherapy. When the 9-week program came to an end, both groups had lost a significant amount of weight. However later follow-ups found that those who used hypnotherapy continued losing weight up to two years afterwards. The subjects without hypnotherapy had no significant changes post-study.

Hypnotherapy results in more weight lost

In a 1986 study of 60 overweight women, subjects who used hypnotherapy and no other weight loss program lost 17 pounds on average. The women in the study who were not using hypnosis only lost an average of 1/2 pound.

Better results are attained with multiple sessions

In a 1996 a study, subjects who used hypnosis for weight loss dropped double the weight of those who did not. This same study followed participants afterwards, checking in with them regularly. The study concluded that success was much greater if the subject participated in multiple hypnosis sessions over time.

Hypnosis can result in overall healthy habits and a positive outlook

In my practice, I believe the key to long-term success is to incorporate a client’s whole self. A study of 60 obese women done in 2014 showed that use of hypnosis resulted in significant weight loss. Along with that, subjects showed great BMI improvement, healthier eating behaviors, and an increased self-image. The encouraging messaging within the process of hypnotherapy is a natural way to keep you in a positive mindset while working toward and maintaining your health goals.

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