Tried and true ways to release unwanted energy

Tried and true ways to releasea unwanted energy

This month, I’m focusing on releasing the things that no longer serve us. In today’s post I’m sharing some of my tried and true ways to release unwanted energy in hopes that they will help you, as they have helped me over the years.

Why it’s important to release

As humans, we pick up things that aren’t “ours” on a regular basis. This is especially true for empaths. Just being in close proximity to someone who’s having a bad day can result in picking up that energy as your own. For instance, when you overhear a phone conversation where someone is venting about problems at work, you take a part of that with you.

More so, the emotions you have that are in fact your own, can really drag you down. Things like grief, resentment, anger, guilt, regret – they may have served a purpose in the past but at some point you need to move on or you will suffer.

What happens if you don’t release negative energies and emotions

Physically, your resistance is down. You may find you are more prone to illness or injury. Migraines, back problems, and joint pain are very common for people who have built up toxic energy within themselves.

Additionally, Holding on to any negative thoughts or feelings blocks us from the good stuff like happiness, joy, contentment, and giving or receiving unconditional love.

The best times to do a release - lunar eclpse

The best times to do a release

You can do a release anytime, of course. But here are some of the most ideal times. Tip: Mark them on your calendar as a reminder!

  • Summer and Winter solstices
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Last day of each month (in the evening)
  • Daily before bed or first thing in the morning
  • Lunar activities: 3rd quarter, new moon, lunar eclipse
  • Anytime you feel you need a fresh start and a clean slate

Tried and true ways to release unwanted energy

Many of these methods will work well together. – feel free to combine them as you see fit for your current circumstances.

Mindful intention

The first step to any release process is to be mindful about what you are releasing and why. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and contemplate what exactly you’re trying to release. Then take a moment to honor that emotion, idea, or feeling, and know that it did serve a purpose at one time. At this point in time however, it is no longer needed and must be let go.

Affirmation: I now release that which no longer serves me.


Stating your truth out loud is one of the best ways to manifest it. So when you’re looking for ways to release unwanted energy, using an affirmation is a natural choice. Just remember, your subconscious doesn’t recognize negatives so always use positive language.

Some good examples of “release” affirmations:

  • I release the need to impress others.
  • I love and accept others exactly as they are.
  • I choose to forgive and move forward.
  • I now release that which no longer serves me.


If you already have a meditation practice, adding an intention to release should be easy for you. I personally prefer guided meditations because they keep me focused on my chosen intention and cut down on any mind chatter that tries to creep in.

My favorite go-to for guided meditations is YouTube, however the subject of “releasing” is sorely under-represented on the platform. So when I am looking to do a release meditation, I look for one that focuses on the chakra corresponding with my intention.

Chakra correlations for release work

Wash it away!

When you are in the shower, take a moment to visualize the water as a bright white, cleansing light. As it flows over you, it cleanses your soul and washes away everything that you need to let go of.

You can do this in a general sense of releasing, but using specifics is even better. For example, being mindful of your attachment to a relationship that you can’t seem to let go of. Picture the water washing that unhealthy attachment away from your being, and flowing right down the drain.

Burn it up!

Burn it up!

This ritual is one of my favorite ways to release unwanted energy. I especially love doing it during an appropriate moon cycle and at the end of each year. You’ll need some paper, a writing utensil, and a fire source like a candle or fire pit. Be sure to do this ritual in a location that is burn-safe!

Start by jotting down phrases representing what you want to release on small strips of paper and stuff them in a jar or box. I start doing this several days or weeks ahead of time, but you can do it all at once if that works better for you. Writing these things down transforms them from intangible ideas into something physical.

When you’re ready, pick up one of the papers and contemplate its message. What purpose did it serve? What did you learn from the situation? Then set the intent to release the emotion or idea attached to it. Next, set it alight and place it in a fire-safe vessel to burn up completely. As it burns, be mindful of how it transforms physically, disappearing as its smoke is released into the atmosphere. Continue to do this for each note, one by one, until they are gone.

If you choose an indoor space for this ritual, open a door or window afterwards to let the unwanted energy outside. This is especially important if it’s your home.

I like to take the leftover (cooled) ashes and bury them near a plant to be naturally converted into new, positive energy. You can do this with a houseplant or somewhere outside in nature.


Hypnosis is an excellent way to release any unwanted emotions, especially if you aren’t finding success with any of the above methods. During your session, we dig deep and remove the fear from your subconscious so that consciously, you can be free. Learn more about the process here.

Boost the process with these tools

You may wish to use a myriad of the following to enhance any of the above recommendations:

  • Crystals: amethyst, clear quartz, aquamarine, rose quartz
  • Scents/oils: lavender, grapefruit, ylang ylang
  • Sound: a chime or bell, drum, crystal bowl, clapping your hands, etc. And of course your best built-in tool: your voice! Use it to chant, sing, or just speak your intention out loud.

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