The best crystals for releasing energetic baggage

The best crystals for releasing energetic baggage

This month we’re talking about doing energetic releases – leaving behind thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we no longer want. In today’s post I’m sharing my favorite crystals for releasing what doesn’t serve us.

Crystals have amazing energetic properties, making them a natural choice for use as a tool for emotional healing. Plus, they’re gorgeous! Who doesn’t love sparkly things?

My favorite crystals for releasing energetic baggage

Different crystals have different properties, so here’s my list of favorites and how they can help you release what no longer serves you. Feel free to use them alone or together. Just use your intuition and do what feels right to you. For best results, clear these crystals regularly to rid them of the unwanted energies.

These crystals are in no particular order.

Amethyst – clarifying

This indigo stone’s energy works with the third eye chakra, helping you to see your situation more clearly. If you’re stuck and could use a different perspective on your situation, amethyst is the perfect choice.


Black tourmaline – absorbing

Another frequent go-to in the crystal department, black tourmaline is like a thirsty sponge. It soaks up all the yucky energy you’re looking to rid yourself of, drawing it away from your energetic body. This stone works double-duty because you can use it for grounding after the release.

Black tourmaline

Aquamarine – soothing

This beautiful blue-green crystal is best for soothing emotions. That means it’s perfect for releasing any unwanted feelings like guilt, grief, resentment, jealousy, or anger.


Shungite – illuminating

Known to hold ancient wisdom, shungite will help shed light onto your situation. Because it’s good at uncovering hidden things, it would be an excellent choice if you’re having a hard time figuring out what is keeping you from being able to let go.

My shungite pyramid has brought me significant revelations about undesired attachments. Plus, the pyramid shape draws the unwanted energies up, up, and away.


Celestite – advising

A crown chakra stone, celestite will help you connect with Divine Guidance. This crystal is recommended when you’re seeking wisdom from Spirit, your higher self, guides, angels, or helpful ancestors.


Rose quartz – loving

Love is always the answer! Rose quartz is famous for bringing love into any situation, and will especially help if you’re experiencing any type of heartbreak or grief. Its natural healing properties will also work to help your heart to heal after the release.

Rose quartz

Clear quartz – purifying

One of the best all-purpose stones, clear quartz acts like an energetic eraser. It will simply remove anything you are holding on to that you want to let go of, then transform it into neutral energy.

Clear quartz

Which of these crystals for releasing are you going to use? Share in the comments!

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