I release the need to please others

I release the need to please others

Transformation Tuesday Affirmation

As we approach the end of the year (thank goodness!) we’re focusing on what we need to release. This includes patterns and behaviors that aren’t in our best interests.

This week, for Transformation Tuesday, I’ve selected the affirmation “I release the need to please others” because it’s something that so many of my clients struggle with. Often without even realizing it!

Kindness is a virtue but trying to please others will likely bring disappointment

I have found that so many people – most often women, and even more so mothers – get caught in a people-pleasing rabbit hole. They work hard to please others because they believe it will bring love and approval. The sad part is that the love and approval they seek rarely comes, leaving them feeling sad, unloved, and unappreciated.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

I have struggled with this destructive pattern myself. It stems from my childhood when I was vying for my parents’ love and affection. This behavior continued throughout my life, transferred to teachers, bosses, spouses, friends…. And it took decades for me to finally learn that the approval I was seeking was never going to come.

This may sound like a sob story, but I am happy to say that I was actually able to get over it. Once I realized that I didn’t NEED their approval in order to be happy, I was able to move on. But it was a long, difficult journey. I had to work on changing my own mindset about things like why I was seeking this approval, and how I could release the need to do so. I was able to accomplish this with hypnotherapy and would be happy to help you as well.

For now, doing positive affirmations is a great place to start!

I release the need to please others – Transformation Tuesday Affirmation

As with all positive affirmations, say it out loud three times to manifest its energy.

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