Six ways to start honoring your ancestors

6 Ways to Honor Your Ancestors

Our ancestors played a large part in shaping who we are today. Not only did they forge a path to us genetically, it has been scientifically proven that their beliefs and experiences are carried in our own individual DNA. Connecting with and honoring your ancestors will strengthen your bond with those who went before you, and that will benefit you with a deeper level of guidance and wisdom.


1. Connect and bond with them through meditation

Relatives on the Other Side very often serve as our guides, especially grandparents. By setting your intent to connect with them, you will likely learn who has been working with you, and who wants to! If you aren’t sure where to start, there are several guided meditations for this on YouTube, including this one by Sarah Petruno.

2. Create an altar

Find a small space in a corner of your home (the Feng Shui spiritual/wisdom corner is perfect for this!). Place a small table or tray in the area and add objects that remind you of your heritage. This could include a photo or postcard of a nature scene from the country they came from, your deceased grandmother’s ring, or even something you picked up in an antique shop that reminds you of a time and place you are drawn to. Choose things that are meaningful to you and spend a brief time each day contemplating in remembrance.

3. Be open to their wisdom & guidance

Honoring your ancestors doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply take a moment to be mindful of them, know that they are with you, and ask for their guidance and help. Be on the lookout for signs of encouragement from them. This is often in the form of coins, feathers, birds, or objects that might remind you of them.

4. Show them your gratitude

Take a moment each day to tell them (inwardly or outwardly) how thankful you are for their guidance and support. When you see a sign from them, tell them “thank you.”

5. Learn more about your family tree

Nowadays you can do a lot of Internet research to find out about their vital records, but is that how you want to be honored or remembered? Spend some time with an elder in your family and ask him or her to tell you stories about when they were growing up. It’s amazing how much insight you will receive, and the elder will immensely enjoy sharing it as well.

6. Live an honorable life

The most important way to honor your ancestors is to be honorable yourself. Carry on the family pride with your own behavior, and be an example for future generations.

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Can you think of any other ways to honor or connect with your ancestors? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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