How to shift your mind to thoughts of gratitude

How to shift your mind to thoughts of gratitude

Have you ever heard the saying “What you think about, you bring about?” The #1 rule of manifesting is that where you focus your thoughts will dictate what you bring into your life experience. Learning how to shift your mind to thoughts of gratitude will naturally begin to attract more things to be grateful for. Likewise, when our minds are focused on the negative we tend to attract the things we don’t want.

It’s a simple principle but it certainly can be difficult!

When I first learned about the Law of Attraction I started researching it voraciously. Reading blogs, studying books, listening to podcasts and radio shows… I couldn’t get enough and I quickly began to put it into practice.

I had such a hard time! Not only was I fighting off my own negative thoughts (fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, etc.), but also I was surrounded by people who brought a lot of negative thoughts and energy into my space.

Negative thoughts find a way to creep into our minds so easily don’t they?

How to shift your mind to thoughts of gratitude

One of the easiest ways to ensure your mind stays on track with positivity is to keep it focused on gratitude. And it doesn’t matter how big or small the actual focus of your gratitude is, just focusing on something you’re grateful for is what matters.

How to shift your mind to thoughts of gratitude

The good news for me was that with practice, I became aware of what was mine and what other people were bringing to me. Then I was able to let go of the “outside stuff” more easily, letting it be their problem instead of mine. The “inside stuff” took a little more work: I just kept at it with practice, practice, practice!

When a self-imposed negative thought crept into my mind, I worked to consciously dismiss it and then replace it with literally anything I could be grateful for. If I drew a blank, I’d just take a look around me and pick something.

I am grateful for the rain because it washes away all the dirt and dust.

That tiny little flower that is growing out of the concrete sidewalk brings me a reminder about persistence.

I am grateful for my feet because they move me along to the next place I’m going.

Think about it: What are you thankful for right now? Maybe it’s just something simple like how a flavored cream adds warmth and sweetness to your morning coffee. Or perhaps you have something bigger on your mind, like being able to connect with an old friend?

Examples of how to shift your focus

Instead of focusing on…Express gratitude for…
Stress at workYour job which enables you to pay your bills
Lack of savingsThe ability to purchase food for your family
Your annoying neighborHaving a home to live in
Pain in your bodyYour body’s miraculous ability to heal itself

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The payoff

With practice I got better and soon the negative thoughts became less and less frequent. This was a huge win for me because I was able to overcome my old habit of beating myself up. I literally just skipped over that destructive habit because I had come to realize that I wasn’t failing at all, I was just learning. Eventually those negative thoughts came in less frequently and the positive thoughts of gratitude became more effortless.

How to shift your mind to thoughts of gratitude

As all the “abundance” experts touted, I found that the more I kept my positive thoughts going, the more things would go my way. I started finding money in random places – like $20 bills! Cashiers and restaurant servers would randomly give me discounts and freebies. I even got an unexpected refund from the IRS for an “overpayment” I wasn’t even aware of! Have you ever heard of such a thing???

I was awestruck! Naturally, when these amazing things happened I would immediately express gratitude to the Universe for sending these awesome goodies my way.

There are many more nuances to the concept of manifesting, and if you want to get into them I recommend reading the Abraham Hicks book “Ask and It Is Given.”

How to shift your mind to thoughts of gratitude

Are you ready to start shifting your mind to gratitude? Share your journey in the comments!

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