Why it’s important to choose your words carefully

Why it's important to choose your words carefully

Did you know that however you choose your words, they make an impression on your subconscious? The things you say – good or bad – become absorbed in your unconscious mind, which turns them into your truth. Of course, this is both good news, and bad news…

Everything you say is an affirmation

I used to be physically clumsy. Overwhelmingly so. Sometimes when I was busy or rushed I would bump into things, like a dresser or doorway. One time I even slammed my index finger in my car door and started walking away before I even realized it! I needed 7 stitches!

Whenever I had a bout of clumsiness, my first reaction would typically be a colossal eye roll followed by a verbalized “klutz” or “dip-sh*t”. I mean, how could I be so dumb?

Over the years, through my various research, learnings, and hypnotherapy certification training, I discovered that the words we tell ourselves have extreme power. Not a little… A LOT.

That’s why positive affirmations work. By vocalizing what we want to bring into our lives, we are able to attract that energy. As I have shared previously, I have been able to manifest things like new jobs, a car, a Caribbean vacation, cold hard cash, and best of all, healed relationships.

By audibly declaring what you want, you are proclaiming it to the Universe, to Spirit, to your conscious, and your subconscious mind (which are all interconnected by the way – but we’ll leave that for another post).

Choose your words carefullyl

But it works both ways

It’s true, the positive affirmations you say out loud will bring you what you want. BUT the negative things you say will also bring you those things which you verbalize.

That’s why it’s so important to choose your words carefully

Here’s the key: You define who you are by what you say, because what you say becomes what you think. Being deliberate about your words gives you the power to choose what you become. YOU are always in charge of YOU. And YOU have the power, simply by choosing the right words.

So now if I stub my toe on my metal bedframe, I will catch myself and immediately, consciously change my thought process. Instead of using my previous self-harming go-to, I stop and think…

Why did this happen?
Was it Spirit calling me into the present moment?

If so, why?
And how comical is it that I did that? 🙂

Then I pause for a moment, take a deep, cleansing breath, and send myself some loving energy to wash away any residual negativity I may be feeling. I then take a moment to say a few positive affirmations out loud, such as:

I am mindful and living in the present moment.
I am grateful for my body.
My Spirit Team is always supportive of me.

Then I usually go and get an ice pack. Or stitches. Ha!

Always say loving things to yourself, and out loud

Seriously, the real trick to turning it all around is to flood yourself with positive affirmations instead of negative thoughts. Replacing self-harming, negative words with loving and kind ones will put you on the right path.

Even if you don’t think you believe them at the time, say them out loud. Claim them as your truth. Your inner spirit hears your message, whatever it is. So always choose your words wisely.

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