Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These zodiac signs are ruled by emotions

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - These zodiac signs are ruled by emotions | Jen Merkel Holistic Hypnosis and Wellness

If you’re one of these water signs, you’re probably feeling right at home. Cancer season is in full swing, and that means we need to pay special attention to our emotions.

In astrology, the water element signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Each of these zodiac signs have their own special characteristics, but they do have many traits in common. If you have a strong or frequent placement of them in your astrological chart, you probably exhibit most of these qualities.

Water signs tend to be emotional, and frequently go with their heart rather than making decisions based on logic. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that! One of the best qualities exhibited by water signs is their ability to see the emotional perspective in any situation.

As highly intuitive souls, water signs feel all the feels, and they tend to trust their intuition more than the average Joe. Due to their sensitive nature, when they get hurt, they feel really hurt. Water signs often develop trust issues and a strong need to protect themselves.

They are extremely compassionate, and tend to be the type of friends you can really cry to about your latest breakup – they’ll probably even bring the ice cream and booze! In a romantic relationship with a water sign, it’s important to nurture their need for emotional connection. The good news is, their sensual nature will definitely keep romance alive. Be careful though – water signs are often good at manipulating others (if they choose to do so) because they really know how to appeal to your emotions.

As water is fluid, people with a lot of water in their chart tend to be on the impulsive side. They may be heading in one direction one moment, and then do a complete 180 the next.

Water signs are highly imaginative, and are typically right-brained creative types. As a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, I’m always thrilled when I work with a client who is a water sign because they tend to be more receptive to the suggestions and affirmations during their session.


Water sign + earth sign – The practical earth sign will help the water sign by bringing them a solid foundation. Water on the other hand, will help earth to ease up a little and learn to be be more flexible.

Water sign + fire sign – In a healthy relationship, water will help fire to consider the emotional side of an issue, rather than acting upon instinct. Fire, which is all about action, can help water to break out of its complacent tendencies. The danger in this relationship is that water can sometimes “put out the spark” fire has in its natural state.

Water sign + air sign – Water has an emotional perspective where air tends to have a more logical view on things. So these two signs together in harmony will be able to balance each other out. Or if there is animosity, conflict, or any other negative aspect between them, look out – it will be the worst.

Water sign + water sign – Water is free flowing and fluid, easily and effortlessly blending with more water. Usually this is a great feeling, as a person with a water sign will feel really connected with another water sign. However because of this effortless blending, sometimes they can experience problems with boundaries.


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