July 2020 Tarot Reading

This month we’re focusing on business and career

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Bianco Nero Tarot card deck by Marco Proietto

I’ve got two fantastic NEW things this month! First, a new deck that I’m absolutely in love with. It’s call the Bianco Nero Tarot and it follows Visconti Tarot messaging (similar to Rider-Waite) with images from Italian artist Marco Proietto. You can check it out on Amazon here (affiliate link)

I also have a new spread I’ve developed for our monthly readings, but I find it is wonderful to do a self check-in as well. So I’ve shared it with you below – feel free to use it, share it, enjoy it!

In this month’s reading it looks like we have some interesting things that will be happening in the business/career area. This same messaging applies if you are attending school or focusing on education of any kind.

Watch the video below, and stay tuned throughout the month as our Tuesday Affirmations will highlight each of these aspects.


Here’s the Tarot/Oracle Card spread I put together – have fun!

Self Check-In Tarot Spread by Jen Merkel jenmerkellightworker.com

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