How to get the most out of your mediumship reading

7 important things to know before sitting with a medium

How to get the most out of your mediumship reading -

You’ve done your research and chosen a medium you feel good about working with. You’ve made the appointment, and can’t wait to connect with a friend or family member who has passed over. But are you wondering how to get the most out of your mediumship reading?

As an experienced, professional medium, I have some advice for anyone who wants to maximize their time with their medium, and get the most out of their reading. Here are 7 important things to know before sitting with a medium.

How to get the most out of your mediumship reading

1. Keep your mind open

The first and most important thing to remember with any type of psychic or mediumship reading is to have an open mind. You must allow yourself to experience whatever happens, and be open to it.

You might really be hoping to hear from a specific loved one in Spirit, but they may not be ready to come through for you. Perhaps there is someone else on the Other Side who has a more important mission or message for you, that needs to come through instead.

As someone who has been doing mediumship for years, I can tell you that there are no guarantees, however someone always comes through for the client. The best advice is to just have zero expectations and be open to whatever happens.

Also, every medium is different. We have different ways of connecting, different ways of doing things, and different strengths and weaknesses. For example, some mediums are able to come up with names, some can get first letters of names, and some just can’t seem to get names at all. Some mediums are able to smell or taste things relative to the person in Spirit, and some are better at seeing things with their mind’s eye. (I am the latter in both cases.)

2. Keep your mouth closed

How to get the most out of your mediumship reading -

Most mediums (myself included) prefer their clients not tell them anything about their loved ones beforehand. This allows the medium to keep their mind clear of any preconceived impressions and focus on the person or people coming through for you. Allow the medium to give you information as it flows.

Honestly, the less you speak, the better your medium will be able to bring forth information using his or her intuitive abilities. Plus, if you give away all the info ahead of time, you’re robbing your medium of the chance to really form a connection with you and relay some really good information from your loved one on the Other Side.

3. Provide feedback

It is helpful however, to keep the medium on track by providing brief feedback as the session goes along. Saying things like “yes”, “no”, or “I’m not sure” provides validation and keeps things flowing well. If a medium is close with a description but not quite on target, you might say “I can see how you would say that.”

By giving your medium the information this way, your medium will know whether they are on the right track without having you cloud their intuition with details.

Personally, when I do a reading for clients I love to hear the backstory after I have revealed details. If you prefer to keep things to yourself, most professional mediums will be respectful of your wishes. For me, I love hearing how the tidbits I’m getting add up in the end. It’s just a little ego boost and helps me to remember that my abilities are valid.

I had a client who gave me several “yeses” while I was describing her childhood with her brother playing board games at a lake cottage. He was a bit of a joker and I said “he’s ‘that guy'”. She squealed with joy and told me that his name was Guy. This nugget came in as a happy surprise to me, and I am thankful to have received the validation.

4. Invite your loved one from the Other Side to join the session

As mentioned above, there is no guarantee that a specific loved one in Spirit will come through, but setting an intention for them can help. All you need to do is speak to them with your heart and ask them to join you for the session. You can do this when you set your appointment, or just before it happens – or both. If it is meant to be, it will happen.

Again, be open to, and grateful for, whoever shows up for you!

5. Bring personal items

How to get the most out of your mediumship reading -

Bringing personal items from multiple loved ones to a session can be helpful, but again, it’s important to keep any of this information from the medium. For example, if you bring a photo, don’t show it to your medium unless he or she asks (some mediums like to look at a photo to glean information about the person’s characteristics). Other examples of some other personal items that may help would be a watch or piece of jewelry, glasses, a bible that belonged to them, or any type of family heirloom.

If the medium mentions the item without your prompt, they will be delighted for you to show it to them at that point.

Also, If your session is being done virtually by video or phone, having these items near you will still be helpful – your medium does not have to be in the same room to connect with their energy.

6. Bring a pen and paper

How to get the most out of your mediumship reading -

Especially if this will be your first experience with a mediumship reading, there is a lot of excitement and emotional energy happening during the session. To get the most out of it, it helps to come prepared with any specific questions you want answered written down. That way, if your mind is distracted because the medium just revealed something that surprises you, you’ll be able to get back on track by referring to your list.

It’s also a good idea to take notes during the session, and write down the information that you get. Sometimes a medium will get a message that doesn’t mean anything to you, but will have a significant impact on someone else connected with your loved one.

When I was in session with one of my clients, I was able to bring about her deceased mother-in-law, Ann. I saw her in a swarm of ladybugs, wearing a blue apron. This had absolutely no resonance with my client, but later when she spoke with her husband’s sister, the sister confirmed that when they were growing up in the 1970s their mother (Ann) often wore an apron with a blue background and ladybug print on it when she was doing any kind of cooking or baking.

When the session is coming to an end, I usually like to ask my clients if there is anything else they want to ask or know about. This is a good time to check your notes and get clarification on something, but not a time to bring up a brand new subject or ask a medium to try connecting to another person. Those things may cause the session to run over, so if you want to delve into more of this, book a future appointment.

7. Be respectful of your medium’s time

How to get the most out of your mediumship reading -

Sadly, most professional psychics and mediums who have been doing this for a while have learned the hard way that they have to take payment upfront. Personally I have had clients no-show, then expect refunds or rescheduling without paying for a new appointment.

As with any type of reading, the medium has scheduled your time slot specifically for you. He or she has set aside that time for you, and has prepared themselves mentally and spiritually for the session. Most psychics and mediums also take time to prepare their reading area as a sacred space beforehand. Even before your session has started, they have already invested time and money in you.

Your medium is a professional who uses the money earned from sessions to support themselves. He or she could have booked someone else in your spot, so if you no-show or cancel close to the appointment time, your medium has lost revenue. For this reason it’s also a good idea to make sure you understand your medium’s payment and cancellation policies before you book your appointment.

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I would love to help you connect with a loved one in Spirit. You can get on my calendar and book a mediumship session online, or contact me with any questions.

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