Full Moon in Capricorn July 4, 2020

This full moon is all about practicality, hard work, ambition, and money

This Capricorn full moon really means business. I mean, literally, business!

Since the full moon is a time of harvest, this indicates that we’ll be getting a payout of some kind, most likely financial. This is obviously great news, because who couldn’t use some more cash in their pocket? And as we know, the economy could sure use a boost!

To further capitalize on this full moon energy, it would be wise to use this time to focus on advancing your business or career. A good time to roll up your sleeves and hunker down to work, because the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. Also, a great time to market yourself or your business – the more you spend on marketing and advertising, the more clients and money you will attract in return. Thinking about asking for a raise or promotion? Do it now!

Just be sure not to make any foolish decisions or go overboard – it’s a time to be practical and responsible about all aspects of our lives, including spending.

The need to be practical will also translate to our personal lives, so make sure you are setting aside plenty of time for friends and family – and your own self-care. If you don’t, it could result in neglected relationships that will be difficult to get back on track.


Say this affirmation out loud three times to manifest the energy.

Remember, the energy with any moon phase is active two days prior and after its peak. So this will be most applicable from late evening July 2nd through July 6th.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for manifesting! In fact, that’s exactly what hypnotherapy is all about – using the power of your subconscious to realize your goals. Contact me or set up your free, no-obligation consultation to learn more.

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