Signs your root chakra is blocked

The Root Chakra, also called Muladhara and the First Chakra, is located at the base of your spine. It is associated with safety, stability, and security, money, survival, and self-care. When the Root Chakra is blocked, we are likely to be experiencing difficulties in these areas.

If you’re unfamiliar with chakras, you might want to take a quick look at this post for more info before reading on.

Signs your root chakra is blocked

You are experiencing fear, worry, anxiety, or nervousness

The First Chakra is often blocked by our perception of fear. Common fears would include being fearful that you will lose your job, that you won’t bring in enough money to cover the bills, or that your partner is cheating or planning to leave you. All of these fears are related to our basic human needs and desire for stability. Worry, anxiety and nervousness are emotions that are generated because of our fears, so they are also Root Chakra-blockers.

You never seem to have enough money

Always having money issues are a sign of a blocked root chakra

The Root Chakra is associated with money, so when it’s blocked, we tend to have a lot of problems in this area. Are you always just scraping by? Can’t seem to get ahead? Money fears specifically deserve consideration here because they are often at the root of our need for stability. And it isn’t necessarily fear about how small your bank account is. It could be losing a source of income (like a job), concern about the stock market, or even financial patterns that were ingrained in you by your parents when you were growing up.

You’re feeling disconnected, ungrounded, unstable, or insecure

A healthy Root Chakra keeps us feeling connected to the Earth, nature, and other humans. When we’re properly grounded, our egos are in check, we have a solid sense of stability, and we can really feel that connection. Being grounded is about keeping a healthy balance between our basic needs and our spiritual side. A compromised Root Chakra doesn’t have that basis on which to build these connections and stability.

You have anger or aggression

One of the common areas we hold anger as adults comes from our experiences as children. Many of my clients come to me with problems relating to how they were parented, and they are still holding on to those feelings of resentment in adulthood. Another common source of anger is animosity with an ex-partner, especially divorces after a long marriage. I have observed that deep-rooted anger and resentment often result in chronic problems relating to the Root Chakra. But even if you’re just experiencing some short-term anger over less serious issues, the Root Chakra is still going to be affected, perhaps on a more minor scale.

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You have illness or pain in the lower part of your body

As I’ve discussed before, physical illnesses can manifest in our bodies as a result of unhealthy chakras. As the Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine, it is associated with the lower body. You might experience health issues involving your feet, knees, legs, the male reproductive system, or the lower back. Getting your Root Chakra back to a healthy state can actually improve your physical health in these areas. An important reminder – although wellness options like hypnotherapy are effective ways to treat physical conditions, it is crucial that you maintain treatment from a traditional health care professional as well.

Okay, so my Root Chakra is blocked. Now what?

Good news! You have complete control over the health of all of your chakras. You have the power and ability to clear any blocks away and therefore clear the path for any issues you may be experiencing.

Blockages for minor issues might be cleared with things like meditation or crystals. But some problems require professional help.

Clearing the blocks from your Root Chakra can easily be done through hypnosis sessions.

Clients often see major changes after just one appointment, but typically you’d need 3 to 4 sessions to fully heal. In some cases, more sessions than that are required – everyone is different and the situations and severity of the issues they bring will dictate how long their treatment will last.

If you’re interested in healing your Root Chakra with hypnosis, you can schedule your free consultation online. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I’m here to help!

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