Transformation Tuesday Affirmation: “I love and accept you as you are.”

“________, I love and accept you as you are.”

This week’s affirmation is from Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” It is one of two affirmations in the book that have made a tremendous impact on me, and helped me to forgive others. The book has made such a positive change in my relationships with others and with myself. In fact, it is probably the single book that has had the most impact on my well-being, and my outlook on life. If you haven’t read it, I do recommend you check it out. And if you have read it, read it again!

To use this affirmation, fill in the blank with the name of the person you need to forgive. So something like, “Karen, I love and accept you as you are.” Forgiveness is about accepting the person exactly as they are, and not expecting them to change. Doing so will only lead to your own disappointment and most likely resentment.

Don’t just concentrate on others who need your forgiveness. Loving, accepting, and forgiving yourself, is arguably even more important!

I use this affirmation during meditation at least once per week, using names of various people who have impacted me. I still interact with some of these people, and I have chosen to distance myself from others. Regardless of whether they are an active part of my life or not, I still need to find forgiveness for them. And it is something that sometimes needs to be worked on a lot. For a long time. But I can say that I have found overwhelming success.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, or excusing someone’s behavior, or that what they did was “ok”. Forgiveness is never really about the other person at all – it’s about your own ability to move on. Only then will you be able to find peace.