New Moon in Gemini | May 22, 2020

With this month’s new moon, we can surely expect to see more intellectual conversations, but Gemini is far from stuffy! Known for being fun and lighthearted, Gemini will bring us the true duality of intelligence and frivolity. As new moons are a time for reflection, you might feel yourself more pensive and introspective than usual.

Geminis tend to be a bit nosy, so keep your eye out for someone looking over your shoulder – and keep any of your own meddlesome tendencies in check. Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, gossip will be spreading like wildfire!

Geminis can sometimes act on impulse, so be sure to balance yourself with Mercury’s rational and practical energy to avoid damage to any relationships.

Remember, the energies from each moon phase apply 2 days prior and 2 days after their appearance.

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