Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Choosing the head over the heart

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - Choosing the head over the heart | Jen Merkel Holistic Hypnosis and Wellness

It’s currently Gemini Season, so if you’re an air sign, you’re probably really feeling like you’re in your element (no pun intended… well, maybe?).

In astrology, the air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. If you have an air sign in a prominent position in your chart (sun, moon, or ascending/rising), you probably have a lot of these traits – most especially if it’s your sun sign.

Air signs are known for being intellectual. They are inquisitive knowledge seekers, and are more than happy to pass along any information they find. They are excellent communicators and make for talented writers.

They often find self-value in their level of knowledge. If you’re having a conversation with someone who has an air sign in their sun position, they might get distracted or bored if it’s not intellectually stimulating enough for them. A great way to keep them entertained is to bring up an intriguing topic they don’t know much about (if you can find one!) – but be prepared to answer lots of questions about it, or at least get into a deep philosophical discussion.

Those who have sun air signs are typically very logical and rational, though they also have a generally optimistic attitude. Their glasses are definitely half full rather than half empty.

Because of their tendency to be practical, air signs can often be thought of as being detached. They don’t often get caught up in the emotional stuff and they aren’t big into dramatics. They can also sometimes be a bit flighty, and are the most likely signs to ghost you.

The fastest way to insult someone who has an air sign is to tell them they are fake. Air signs pride themselves on their authenticity, which also makes them trustworthy – at least most of the time.

Air sign compatibility with other signs

Air sign + earth sign – Both signs rely on logic, which means emotions can sometimes be left in the dust. It probably won’t be a very passionate relationship, but there will be a lot of mutual respect.

Air sign + water sign – Air signs make decisions based on their head, while water signs look to their heart. So if they find a way to balance each other out, it could be a match made in heaven. But if they are intolerant of each other – it will probably be disastrous.

Air sign + fire sign – Fire needs air to exist, so fire signs will really feed on whatever attention they can get from an air sign. If you’re an air sign dating a fire sign, feeding their ego will be important. If you don’t do that on the regular, that fire will be in danger of going out, and it will be really difficult to reignite.

Air sign + air sign – All the signs are generally compatible within each other. However if you get two people with the same element together, they may miss out on anything learned or enjoyed from another point of view. A relationship between air signs will generally have good communication and stimulating conversation, but there may be a lack of emotional connection.

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