A most moving mediumship session

I recently participated in a mediumship circle. In case you’re not familiar, this is a group of mediums who “trade” readings. The purpose is to keep in practice and learn new techniques. It’s also a great way to receive a reading from a different medium’s perspective, so that your own ego and prejudices don’t get in the way. The latter was my primary purpose for joining the circle on that day.

In preparation for the event, I “invited” Joshua, a young man on the Other Side. Joshua was my son’s best friend for over a decade, and our families were very close. Joshua played football and lacrosse with my son and was like a nephew to me. He tragically passed away from a Fentanyl overdose about 1-1/2 years ago just before his 22nd birthday.

Several hours before the session, Joshua came to me in Spirit, and I politely told him that he would have to connect with another medium who was participating, because I would not be doing readings for my own people. Joshua kept bugging me and I kept telling him, lovingly and gently, to connect with one of the others.

Fast forward to the (Zoom) session later that day. When it was my turn to read, I had Joshua with me. Even though my task was to read for one of the other people in the group, I got the urge to move forward with the ‘evidence’ Joshua presented anyway, so I went ahead. As a psychic medium, I find that sometimes I need to ignore what’s in my head and just go with what’s in my gut. Especially in this case, I’m very glad I did.

Leaving out his name, I began by describing him as a young man, who loved and excelled in all kinds of sports but especially baseball. I saw him in a red baseball uniform and socks. He is the type of person who knew everyone, and was well liked by everyone. As he grew older and struggled to find his independence, he had some turmoil with his father about things like work, school, and other responsibilities. They loved each other very much, but were so alike that they often butted heads. He presented to me as a young teen, but I felt that he was a bit older when he passed. I provided many more details, but these, and ALL the details exactly matched Joshua, whose face I could see clearly with my inner eye.

When I finally looked back up at the computer screen (I had previously been zoning out and was out of focus), I saw a lovely lady, Gloria, smiling and crying. It was her son. Down to the last detail. She confirmed that every last bit I related was completely accurate. I continued, adding more information, and she kept confirming that it was a match.

I finally passed along Joshua’s sweet message that he loves her and is always with her, and that he is sorry for what happened. He knows she misses having conversations with him, but she can talk to him anytime and he will be right there, listening to every word.

When everyone in the circle was done crying from this very touching moment, I explained about how I thought all the while that I was describing Joshua, my son’s friend. Then I came to realize that it was my “nephew” Joshua who brought Gloria’s son to me. Joshua himself wasn’t ready to come through to anyone, but he knew that I would be able to bring this lovely woman’s son through for her.

Though it has been a couple weeks, I’m sitting here in tears at my desk as I type. I can still feel the profound love between Gloria and her son. This was probably the most impactful moment of any reading I have ever done.

I hope Joshua comes through to me at some point, but I am so grateful that he helped me to have such a touching moment bringing together a sweet mother and her loving son. It is because of heartfelt moments like these that I love doing mediumship sessions.

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* For privacy reasons, names have been changed.