Transformation Tuesday Affirmation for 7 April 2020

“I care for Mother Earth by taking and using only what I need.” Repeat it out loud 3x to manifest the energy.

This month’s affirmations celebrate Earth Day. Start a positive habit of consciously taking and using only what you need. Use paper and plastic products sparingly. Order only the food you will eat, and ask the server to refrain from bringing out any extra stuff you won’t consume. Rethink your wardrobe – do you really need to add new clothes to your closet? And most of all, please SKIP THE PLASTIC BAGS! Use reusable ones or just carry your stuff out of the store without one!

Additionally, when we take only what we need, we are allow others to have their share as well. Nothing material is available in endless supply, and hoarding is the epitome of fear-based beliefs. Be kind to your neighbors and take just what you really need. The Universe will always provide for you.

What ideas do you have to use only what we need? Please share in the comments!