Transformation Tuesday Affirmation for 28 April 2020

“My heart and soul flow with compassion for my fellow human beings.” – Repeat it out loud 3x to manifest its energy.

This month our affirmations are centered around caring for Mother Earth. This week we are called to be more compassionate to others.

Remember that you don’t know what anyone is going through at any given time. Compassion and unconditional love are the absence of judgment. If you find yourself holding negative feelings for someone – whether it’s a person in your family, someone on social media, or even someone on the news – remember that you too, have faults.

We are all imperfect, yet we are all completely perfect – designed exactly as we are meant to be. Someone who has done or said something you disagree with (no matter to what degree) is going through a life lesson. This goes especially for those who are not yet “awakened” and don’t understand the concept of lessons from the Universe. Have compassion for them and send loving kindness to them, so that they may learn from whatever they are going through, and move to the next level of awareness along their soul path.