Transformation Tuesday Affirmation for 21 April 2020

“I live in harmony with the ocean, the Earth, and all its creatures.” Repeat it out loud 3x to manifest the energy!

This month our affirmations are centered around caring for Mother Earth. For this week, we are being called upon to be kind to her, the ocean, and all the creatures within. We are all connected to each other on a soul level, and similarly we are connected to all things in nature.

Take a few moments to meditate and feel the connection between your own soul and the trees, plants, and flowers. The animals, the insects, the birds, and the fish. Feel your connection to the air, the clouds, the rain, the snow – even in other areas of the world. Connect to the Earth – the mountains, the valleys, the forests, the deserts, the plains. Feel your connection to the ocean, the plants and animals within it, the salty water, the terrain on the ocean floor.

Embrace this connection and enjoy it for a few moments. Then when you come back, pledge to think about this connection before making any consumer decisions.