Taurus Season: April 20 – May 21

This week we say goodbye to Aries and move into Taurus season. The uncertainty and ups & downs we felt during Aries will now stabilize as we move into Taurus. Whereas we may have been unfocused and unclear on what to do, now we will be able to hunker down and be more purposeful about our goals – and get them done!

Taurus is an Earth sign, so you will feel more grounded. Your practical and economic tendencies will come into play here as well. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so savor this time where you might be feeling more sensuous.

Taurus is also known for sometimes being stuck in their ways, stubborn, and have a need for control. Be conscious of any like behaviors you may see arise in yourself. You will find success if you stay open to possibilities and allow others to express their free will, instead of holding it against them.