Best crystals for helping the environment

Crystals have been used for centuries due to their healing properties. If you’ve discovered the wonderful world of crystals (also known a “gemstones” in some circles) you probably use them to keep your vibe up, bring more love into your life, or help you communicate. But did you know that there are crystals which are helpful for the environment? Since Earth Day is coming up next week (April 22nd) I wanted to share some crystals you can use to help our Earth.

The intention of this list is for us to use them to meditate with for the greater good (in this case, the well-being of our planet) rather than our own personal intentions.

Please remember that each of these stones, unless specified, need to have their energy cleared and cleansed regularly, because of the negative energies they pick up while they work their magic.

So without further ado… here’s my list of the best crystals for helping the environment.

Selenite sphere, satin spar wand and heart

Selenite and satin spar are excellent for clearing the air of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) as well as raising the vibration in any area. I keep one next to my computer and other electronics. They can also be used to clear the energy in water as well, though they should never be placed directly in water or wet areas, which would cause their physical properties to break down. Because these are “cleansing” crystals, they do not need to be cleansed themselves, and can in fact be used for cleansing other crystals.

Obsidian sphere, tumbled onyx, black tourmaline

Black tourmaline, onyx and obsidian absorb negative energy, thereby removing it from the atmosphere. They are fantastic grounding stones, as are all black colored crystals. They work with your root chakra and will help you connect with Earth on a soul level. Placing one of each in the four corners of your home’s perimeter will bring protection. Using these earthy stones can also help to enrich the soil of anything you are planting.

Green moss agate

Green moss agate – I have placed one in the soil of each of my houseplants as it is excellent for growing plants of any kind. I think of them as a sort of energetic fertilizer. Green moss agate can be used during meditation to bring about world reforestation. Just like plants themselves, green moss agate also combats pollution. Note – because of the light when I was photographing crystals for this post, these particular stones appear much lighter in color than they really are – they are actually a deep green color.

Ocean jasper sphere

Ocean jasper (aka Atlantis Stone) gets its name because it physically looks like the ocean. As it has many properties of water, it regulates emotions and can be used to lift spirits and maintain optimism – something that mankind could definitely benefit from. Because this stone is about regeneration and rebirth, it is also excellent for renewing our natural resources and to help with the re-population of endangered and vulnerable species of plants and animals.

Rough citrine

Citrine carries the healing properties of the sun, so it can be used to bring the sun’s radiant energy to our Earth. Citrine is also an amazing manifesting stone, so you can use it during meditation to help bring about more of the natural things the Earth needs, like endangered wildlife, rainforest regeneration, water in drought-plagued areas, and clean air and water supplies.

Rough rose quartz

Rose quartz, known as the crystal of love, can bring love and harmony to Earth’s inhabitants. If you want to help bring about world peace, this is the perfect stone to meditate with. If you’re laying down, place the crystal on your heart – or you can place it in the palm of your non-dominant hand (receiving hand) – and visualize its loving energy surging into your heartspace. Then slowly and step by step, spread that loving energy from your heartspace to your home, your neighborhood, your city, state or province, country, the world, and finally the universe itself. After a few moments, slowly bring that energy back to you and then be sure to ground yourself properly, closing your heartspace so that your energetic body is protected.

Tumbled hematite

Hematite detoxifies your blood and liver. Since the liver is what holds all the crud your body absorbs from the atmosphere, it’s important to clear it regularly. Because hematite does not absorb the energy, there is no need to cleanse it. Keep in mind that when you use hematite the energy is reflected off of you, however it bounces back into the atmosphere. You will need to set the intention that the negative/unwanted energy be cleansed or eradicated so that it does not “land” somewhere else. A great way to do this is to use a piece of satin spar as an accompanying crystal.

Clear quartz point and tumbled stones

Clear quartz – when in doubt, use clear quartz! It is the all-purpose crystal and can literally be used for any intention, so you can effectively use it in place of any of the above stones. Clear quartz is also known to regulate energy and reduce radiation and EMFs. Because this stone is associated with our crown chakra, you can use it during meditation to receive divine guidance from Archangel Ariel, the protector of our environment. Ask her to help you learn what you can do to help cure our Earth’s ills.

Now that you’re armed with the information, I encourage you to spend a few minutes meditating on healing our Earth. Which cause is most important to you? Let me know how it goes in the comments!