15 ways to make your Monday awesome

How to keep from having a Monday that bites

15 ways to make your Monday awesome: How to keep from having a Monday that bites

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be more positive, you might be really struggling with this, particularly on Mondays. After all, you don’t need me to reiterate all the statistics out there on the interwebs about how much Mondays bite.

Remember, YOU are in control of YOUR life. That means YOU decide whether to be happy or sad. Whether to have a good day or a bad one. Why not choose joy? Why would you not create the beautiful, joyful, fabulous, fun-filled life you want and deserve?!?!

15 ways to make your Monday awesome

  1. Remind yourself that it’s a fresh start to the week and a clean slate! Don’t worry about what transpired last week or even over the weekend. You have the chance today to start again!
  2. Look in the mirror and say out loud, “Good morning gorgeous!” Bonus if you do this before you shower or apply your makeup. Appreciate your unique beauty!
  3. Say your positive affirmations out loud and with a smile. Bonus if you do it in front of a mirror! Positive words will bring positive results. Remember to verbalize them in the present tense for maximum effect.
  4. Stick a citrine or peridot crystal in your pocket or bra. Set your intent for them to bring you lots of joy and happy energy, and they will not disappoint!
  5. Spend an extra 3 minutes to zhoosh yourself up a little bit more than usual – ie., wear your most expensive fragrance, do your hair a little more fancy, use your most indulgent beauty products. When you look your best, you feel your best!
  6. Pick a cheerful top or dress to wear, and pair it with your favorite jewelry and footwear. You’ll turn heads, I just know it!
  7. Wear your sexiest undies! You might be the only one who knows this (or maybe not?) but I guarantee it will put a spring in your step and give you a little confidence boost!
  8. Text your best friend and wish them an awesome day and fabulous week! Bonus points for messaging family members and/or emailing a cute and positive meme to your co-workers. Don’t save all that happiness and joy for yourself. Spread a little sunshine and good vibes to the people around you.
  9. Grab your calendar and take 10 minutes to plan your week – look at all the awesomeness you’ve got ahead of you! Circle the thing you’re most looking forward to, even if it’s your night alone to binge watch British historical dramas in your jammies.
  10. Play your favorite upbeat music during your commute and/or at your desk. Radio Margaritaville is a favorite of mine because it gives me that beachy vacation vibe any time of year. Also, it’s FREE!
  11. Tackle your most difficult task first, then bask in the pride of your accomplishment. Once you get that big thing done you’ve been procrastinating, you can pretty much coast through the rest of the day… or maybe even the week.
  12. Fill your diffuser with natural spring water and then add a happy, uplifting scent like grapefruit essential oil. Peppermint is also a fantastic, uplifting scent that gives you a boost of energy.
  13. Take the scenic route on your commute home. You might not have time to do this on the way in to work, but why not take a bit of a detour on the way home and drive through a nearby park or a wooded neighborhood with beautiful homes. Bonus if you start manifesting one of them!
  14. Do a mindfulness meditation – for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or more if you can! You might find it hard to take time to do this before you retire for the evening. Try sitting up against your headboard propped by some comfy pillows, and do it then. This one is one of my favorites and it’s only about 20 minutes. Great news is, you’ll probably sleep better too.
  15. Before going to bed, look back at the amazing day you had and be grateful! Try listing five things you are grateful for today. A gratitude practice is one of the best ways to ensure more abundance comes your way. It’s also an amazing way to stay on that positive vibe ride!

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