What do all these numbers mean?

Especially if you are new to the Spiritual Arts, you may be asking “What do the numbers I’m seeing mean?” Numbers are just one of the many ways the Universe communicates with us. It sends us messages of encouragement, confirmation that we’re on the right track, or sometimes just a ‘heads up’ that something will be coming up soon. This can be from Spirit/Source, our Angels, our Guides, or loved ones reaching out from the Other Side.

Some of the places you might be seeing numbers are:

  • Clocks (especially 11:11 and 12:34)
  • License plates
  • Checkouts – total sale or your change
  • The gas pump – sale amount or number of gallons pumped
  • Billboards, road signs, shop signs
  • Addresses
  • Lots of other places!

You might also see numbers in email addresses, price lists, etc. These things don’t hold as much weight because they are deliberate. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have significance, just know that it’s best to get further confirmation.

Number signs usually show up in threes

We see dozens, perhaps hundreds or thousands of numbers each day. When they are all mushed together in random sequences, they do not really have any (spiritual) significance. However to see the same triple-digit number several times is a clear indication that the Universe is sending you a message.

Which brings me to my next point – seeing a number once, perhaps twice, is not probably significant enough to be a sign. But if you do see a sequence that gets your attention, stay alert to see if you happen to notice it again within the next few days. Personally, if I see a number twice within a few days, that’s not really enough to mean much. But if I see it a third time, then I know it’s really a sign.

Why not just Google the number?

When you do an online search, you’re going to see results based on what others are searching and clicking on, and who’s paying for advertising. This is also the reason I discourage Internet searches for dream interpretation. Your own intuition and experience is going to be the #1 best tool to use when determining what a number (or any sign, really) means.

All signs, numbers included, have multiple meanings. So how do you know which meanings are the ones are the right ones for you? The answer is simple – it’s the one that resonates with you. It’s the one that you think of first – or strongest – or can’t get out of your head – immediately after you see the sign and acknowledge its importance. Again, this is all about your own intuition and experience.

Some of the signs you see will have a special meaning only meant for you. For example, way back in my early spiritual development, I went to see a medium. He kept seeing the number 3, and told me it was someone who had a March birthday (March being the third month of the year). It ended up being my grandfather, whose birthday is actually March 3rd. Now whenever I see threes I know he is with me.

That said, here’s a list of some very basic number meanings. These are general meanings taken from different sources like basic numerology, the Tarot, chakras, astrology, and many years of my own personal experience.

Numbers and their meanings

111 or 1111 – New beginnings, a wake-up call, be aware of who and what is around you. This can also be about being single, and being OK with it. Your root chakra, the 1st chakra, is about basic needs, stability and security. 1s are the most common way signs are sent from Spirit and loved ones who have crossed over, especially when seen by those who are early in their spiritual development. This is often shown as 11:11 on the clock.

222 – Two choices, duplicity, duality, balance. A very common meaning is partnerships, especially romance because your 2nd chakra is your sacral chakra, which is all about emotions, desires, and sex.

333 – Trinity, the body/mind/soul connection, groups and community. In the Tarot especially, threes are signs of celebration and gatherings. The 3rd chakra is your solar plexus, which is about your intuition and gut feelings, and your personal power.

444 – Traditionally an “angel number”. A trio of fours is commonly your angels or your guardian angel (often a deceased grandmother) sending you a sign of encouragement and to let you know they are with you. Fours are about roots and where you came from, so ancestry plays a big part here too. In Tarot, fours are about stability and order. And the 4th chakra is your heart chakra, which is all about love, compassion, and empathy. There are four seasons, four elements, and even four limbs on our physical bodies.

555 – Fives are commonly known to signify major and often unexpected changes, new directions, or taking a different course of action. The throat chakra, your 5th chakra, is about speaking up, finding and using your voice, and developing clairaudience.

666 – This number sequence is often associated with the Devil, so if we think about the Devil card in Tarot, that’s about being too attached to material things, and letting our vanity get the best of us. In numerology, 6 is about family and your home life. The 6th chakra is your third eye chakra, which is associated with psychic visions and clairvoyance.

777 – Lucky 7s often indicate good fortune coming your way. If I started seeing triple 7s everywhere, I’d definitely play the lottery or make a trip to the casino – unless you’re already in Las Vegas in which case you will see them everywhere (again too deliberate to be a real sign from the universe). Sevens also represent a strong spiritual connection, as your crown chakra is the 7th chakra.

888 – Abundance, wealth, money, prosperity. Seeing eights are often a sign that you’ll be doing well with business and investments, and possibly a lot of cash coming your way as well. The figure 8 is also the ‘infinity’ symbol, so it can indicate something long-lasting.

999 – I saw a lot of nines when a former job and career was coming to an end. It was comforting to see the triple nines because my gut feeling was that of relief. In numerology, 9 is the symbol of humanitarianism and compassion.

000 – Coming full circle, completion of a lesson. On the other side of the coin, the zero card in Tarot is the Fool, signifying a fresh start, a new venture, and naivete.

10 – Tens can symbolize perfection, ie., “perfect 10”. They can also signify a turning point, life cycle, or karma.

123 or 1234 – Signs of things progressing, moving forward, being on the right track. I used to see 12:34 on the clock often when I was going through a lot of personal growth.

How to interpret mixed numbers

So let’s say you have been dating a guy for a few months. Things are going really well, and you want to know if he is “the one”. You ask the Universe for a sign, and then start seeing numbers.

You purchase something online and your total charge is $82.22. Then you pump your gas and end up putting in 12.288 gallons. You are walking your dog and notice a pretty house on your route, then notice that its address number is 2828. Lots of 2s and 8s are showing up for you!

So to see what all this means, you basically do a mashup of both numbers. I would say that this guy you’ve been dating is probably your life partner, and very likely your soulmate. Why? The 2s are about ‘partnership’ and the 8s are ‘abundance’ and ‘infinity’. Great news for you!

Conversely, if you were seeing a lot of 2s and 9s, that could mean that your relationship will be coming to an end. 1s and 9s would seem to indicate an end to your being single, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that this person is your life partner or soulmate.

Again, as with any sort of spiritual sign, your intuition will play the biggest role in what numbers mean to you. Trust your gut feelings and be open to possibilities!

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Peace and blessings to you!

Jen Merkel